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Account migration

Account migration

Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
Jan 27, 2021, 16:0101/27/21

Account migration

I last played Stormfall age of war in December of 2018 (2 years and 1 month ago).

When I stopped, I removed the app from facebook, typically when I do this I just have to re-login using FB and the account restores. Now that Jan1st has passed I can't log in using FB and linking the account with the plarium app no longer shows my castle and creates me a new one.

I messaged support with all of the information, including purchase receipts from the game through FB and the Screenshot for when it was removed from FB.

Support messaged me back: It's been "over 3 years" since you've logged in and we only save data for about 3 years. (Btw it's only been 2 years and 1 month.)

Either they just didn't look or don't feel like helping me, I have a lot of friends that play this and I spent a decent amount of money on my account's (I have 2, I'd like both of them back but anything is better than nothing).

I had a friend log in and check my old castle coordinates and both of my castles are still in game, so clearly my stuff isn't deleted but he refuses to return my castle back to me. (I even had my friend send me a SS of both of my castles that clearly still show my name on both of them, and they're arguing with me that my stuff was deleted.)

The Dark Plaines x: -4820 y: 890 -Main account

The Dark Plaines x: -4824 y: 890 -Second account

Please help, I would really like to continue playing from where I left off, I started back in 2013 and have been playing on and off since, I am an old player.

Thank you.  (See below for the Screenshot taken today, shows both of my castles).


Jan 28, 2021, 11:2701/28/21

Jay would you please give me your Support ticket Number and I'll have it looked at.