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RP Down - The Scoop

RP Down - The Scoop

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May 1, 2021, 10:4505/01/21

RP Down - The Scoop

Mammoth day in Stormfall server 1.

RP lost 4 beacons in 6 minutes to Rebels and KoK.

Only the second time since force limits that major leagues have clashed resulting in beacon takedowns. 

Of course RP / Emps / DBA tried to takedown KoK at Christmas but failed spectacularly. It's not easy to take large beacons down and you need to know what you are doing. Not since Dominus went down have we seen a major league floored like this. At last some action!!!

Over the course of the day I'll add more info and screenshots of the hits. Sure people will be interested to see the actual hits.

And I'll attempt to explain the backstory. Pretty sure I can do both sides of the story justice.

Hope you enjoy the read/viewing.

May 1, 2021, 10:4705/01/21
May 1, 2021, 10:54(edited)


4 beacons go down in 6 minutes. Clinical surgery. Planned and executed to perfection.

KoK took out the two prized corner beacons. Rebels the adjacent two beacons.


Beacon 742 Screenshots:

Beacon 741 Screenshots:

If I can get Rebels screenshots I will add them.

May 1, 2021, 10:4705/01/21
May 1, 2021, 12:20(edited)


At the end of last year RP / Emps / DBA started a war with KoK and by extension the MAD coalition (because it's one for all and all for one in any coalition that means anything). 

They got together and attacked KoK beacons. It was a complete disaster. This thread shows the attacks:

In short they were utterly clueless showing an absence of understanding for any of the key game mechanics. And on beacons, into force limits, that is very punishing. KoK defence actually went up as the result of the attacks, as the rewards from the PvP and beacon events running at the time were greater than the tiny losses we took. 

Our take on how that came to pass was as follows:

- RP wanted to grab KoK territory without a second thought for stabbing their long term allies in the back

- Emps were open to manipulation because of coming to illogical conclusions about who hacked their league based on little to no real evidence

- DBA went in for the ride because they trusted that Emps knew what they were doing and it was all "going to be easy". In reality they only contributed 1 hit, no big deal really - all is forgiven DBA, just forge your own path next time.

Straight after the attacks we didn't know the above. Emps said it was RP's idea, RP said it was all Emps. And we were none the wiser. 

After while we got to meet with Emps leadership and the whole "hacking stuff" got largely put to bed. I get why ppl would be upset about that happening to them, just a shame that they lashed at the wrong person and league. And at least while nothing is really resolved about being enemies in game, we at least got the misconceptions about eachother being "really bad sets of people IRL" sorted. It went back to being a game.

With RP we got an interesting story going back at least a year and a half.

They first got upset when KoK got given it's norther territory. This was the old Fellowship area and was given to KoK in recognition of the part we played in the takedown of Dominus. Apparently RP leadership feel this was a slight on RP, as they should have been given the area.

I don't really understand that at all, as RP ruled themselves out of anything with Dominus. So why they thought they would get the spoils having sat on the fence I don't know. Was this legitimate lack of insight or intentional misleading of the rest by King and Luc we'll never know (they are both gone).

KoK were aware that we were on both sides of RP and it hemmed them in. And that at the time they were competing for no1 with Horde. So mindful of that we did a bunch of stuff help our ally with their main objective, such as:

- agreeing to let them be in the lvl 1 neutral area between the league to boost their ranking

- setting up 1 beacon to the right of the old Fellowship area to give RP more space (KoK was actually given beacon 732 by Fellowship but never went into it).

- at one point when KT dropped area we quickly got into it so it didn't go to waste and offered it to RP to help them stay no1. Offer rejected

- seeing the territory issue as leading to natural tension KoK offered RP an area swap, which gave RP more area than they were giving up and solving the issue of them being hemmed in. That got thrown in our faces as Luc redrew the map so we could get back about half of what we would gave up. We were doing them a favour and they spit in our face. The deal died.

On a side note the swap would have been our West for some of their north. This would free them up to  access to expanding into DBA, who they were keen to kill (asked us to do it with them in fact). Interesting they would ally with DBA 9 months later when it suited them.

So we tried. But simply by dint of accepting a beacon gift we would forever be in the wrong.

We kind of knew all this when we met Bearnip after X-mas, after the attacks on our beacons (it's impossible to get Baz as he's pretty much inactive and completely unresposive but for some reasons still the marshal). 

I thought we got through some of the misunderstanding and he realised we weren't the bad guys

We again offered them a beacon swap so they could solve their issue of being hemmed in. They couldn't grow, it was boring, they had nothing to do. They couldn't do the old swap because now they were allied with DBA so we suggest equal areas swap of our East for their West. They would escape being hemmed in, there would be little territory boundary between us, all the reasons creating tension would be removed. 

For whatever reason they said no (I think from some misguided emotion about "the corner", which as there are no beacon drops holds no advantage over any other edge - it's almost worse cause you need to hold 2 beacons to contol it)

So at that point KoK had:

- an ally that had just stabbed them in the back and organised a 3 league suprise attack

- the underlying reason was a tension over territory

- but there was no desire to solve the issue over the territory and have no reason for issues between us

Emps didn't want to solve anything with us in game. RP didn't want to solve anything with us in game. It felt very much like both leagues wanted to chill things with us for a while so they could rebuild and then they would just come at us again at a time of their choosing.

Emps started largely disintegrating of it's own accord. So that left RP to deal with. Deal with them or they would just come again at us for all the same reasons. So we got on the front foot and last night happened.

To the members of RP I am sorry you got caught up in this. But it's where you leadership put you.

I also know the above will be complete news to you. Because for at least a year and a half by success leadership teams you have been fed lies and BS about KoK. There is real hatred in your league for us because we have "done such wrong by you". In reality we bent over backwards to accomodate your needs and wants and never did anything wrong beyond accepting a beacon gift from an ally.

Long post but then if you got this far I expect it's the kind of thing you enjoy reading about. It's the game we create. The story between the leagues, way more interesting and complex than you could ever guess this simple game could create.

May 1, 2021, 19:1605/01/21

 As a bystander in all of this I find the break in the monotony of the game to be refreshing and a huge thanks to those who stepped up and made this happen. It shows there’s still some players with back bone and cunning, 2 things I admire. 


Hats off to you for following through with an offensive action in times when the game is so unbalanced toward defense. 

Nice work Indeed, I look forward to the next chapter. 


May 16, 2021, 20:4005/16/21

A few adjatives missing to the story but thats for us to know and you to figure out

From KT perspective, Baz and RP was an ally who received intel from me, like all my allies did that day, of a pending attack. Baz took the info and did not tell me he was attacking an ally KoK, not just my ally, his ally. Other words, he back stabbed KoK and me directly. Kt dropped diplo immediately with RP.