Royal Phoenix recruiting

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15 January, 2019, 10:43 AM UTC

players of evry timezone ,Americas ,Africa ,Asia ,Australia ! dsnt matter when u log in ,ull always have someone to talk to in chat ,that being said always someone to help u. 

Great players who Created Fist if Honor created royal Phoenix ,players who have always been in top 10 ! a complete democracy ,ur a recruit ? a soldier ? it doesn't matter ,ur voice will always be heard ! even without holding level one beacons we are always in top rankings with a 100% activity rate !

offence and Defense Hammers, a very active chat as formerly mentioned, most of the players have met each other in Real life as the league treasures friendship ! if u think ur very active and want to be in a similar environment ,this is the place !

we have a very good relationship with our allies and respect them as they do the same ,yet if ur looking for fights ull have fun as much as u like with our enemies no worries 


 high Fort and beacons u get alot of bonuses for , this is our paradise (or hell ) of a league u might wanna think about .
when we suffer,we survive ! temper us in fire and we grow stronger (cassandre claire) 

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