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The Legion of Vengeance is recruiting

The Legion of Vengeance is recruiting

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Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
Dec 20, 2018, 03:2412/20/18

The Legion of Vengeance is recruiting

Dear Stormfall community

If you are level 50 and up, active in the game, a little bit chatty, and know how to hold a grudge, then the Legion of Vengeance may be right for you!

We are a mid-tier, beaconed league, with lots of knowledge to share, and long memories.

Jealous of those darkened dragons that raid you sometimes, with their fancy level 8 fortress boosts? You need the Legion! Jealousy? Vengeance? Don't you see? It's all connected!

Join now and receive free archers and dwarves delivered direct to your castle (offer valid 5 April - whenever, T's & C's apply).