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To Lord Oberon

To Lord Oberon

Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
Dec 9, 2019, 10:0212/09/19

To Lord Oberon

i thought Forum isnt as active as it used to so why not have some fun for which this tavern section is...

To Lord Oberon

i'v always wanted an audience with u great sir..but seems like u are such a hard man to find in these plains..

i started by being nice,Brave and Gallant

i survived a trial by fire,i barely made it, i won jousts against strongest players in stormfall, i liberated a damsel in distress,won against a golem, caught a wyvren,saved a shade prince from a burning building ... i did all that and u still didn't show up...i thought an orc to read, do u have any idea how hard it was ? an orc man,i thought an orc how to read... i had no idea why some people commit suicide and yet i killed myself almost 10 times b4 i was able to make this orc literate...

whats up with that man ???

okay i thought maybe being nice wont do it,so i started playing the badboy thing..

i interrogated a captured org,i give u one guess who i interrogated... yup started with that one orc who gave me hard time..

i trimmed toenails off a dragon


i have to admit,i did things im not particularly proud of here

but it was all for good fun in the end

u still didn't show up,whats up with that Lord Oberon ?

okay u wanna play it that way ? i can play that way too...

i will have my audience,one way or another....

i crashed ur party hahaha ... u still didnt show so i just went ahead and stole ur diary.... do u know what that means ? i know every secret of urs... i know what u did with bran in that Pub... ah also that succubus told me many things too which i verified in that diary of urs...

one more thing here i saw u there ,and caught u too u still wont talk ? okay then ill just hold ur beard...

i will have what i want one way or another... 

i will leak ur secrets to public if i have to ,i will shave ur beard in a funny way and u wont be able to appear in public without ur beard for some time :D

i dnt want saphires ,i dnt want emeralds or troops or anything,oh god i dnt even know what i want at this point :D anyways i will think about what i want then ill be making my demands later when i feel like it :D for now please note that im holding all the cards :D 


Heir to almost nothing 


Dec 9, 2019, 16:5312/09/19