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thanks plarium

thanks plarium

Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
Jun 12, 2019, 17:4906/12/19

thanks plarium

plarium has changed alot, we asked them for beacon force limits they applied the change,my own opinion was 100k sure but thats what the votes are for ,i wasnt so happy with president slection too but thats what the majority wanted so i respected it ,thats not my point, my point is that they heard us,they introduced league brawls and champs and many other fun stuff... and i personally never thanked them ,

1.first id like to thank the moderators, they are always here at the forum always checking things out and helping people when they need it without any expectations. guys ur efforts are always appreciated by many and u urselves are great players and respected people managers , iv seen many times that even when u try to help some still try to make u look bad ,i want u guys too know that there are many who appreciate the help u guys provide and i know u are not the only people working hard and there are many who we havnt even seen so we thank them too,good job and thanks .keep up the good work,it might not look like it but we always appreciate it

3. players who base their talks on pure logic and try to work for a better game experience ,u guys help alot too so id like to take this opportunity to thank u too .thanks for always being there when someone needs help or explanations

there are many i dnt know and might not even have heard about and still contribute to making this game more fun ,thank u too friends,


P.S. oh and trolls let me thank u guys too for always showing me what kind of a person i shouldnt be and i dnt mean just here :p


Jun 14, 2019, 09:0406/14/19

Hello Lord Fury, thank you very much for your feedback, i agree with you , with ups and downs, Plarium tries to offer the best possible to their customers ! Happy hunting and good battles !