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Forwarded for further consideration

Forwarded for further consideration

Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager

Forwarded for further consideration

Here is a list of suggestions that were accepted by our developers.

Please keep in mind that even if they are accepted, it does not mean that they will appear in the next update. They are in our work plans, and our developers will start working on them as soon as possible. The development team has a long-term plan of what features need to be released and when, and they closely follow their timelines. That is why your suggestions may be postponed for some time.

It may sometimes seem that the task is simple and can be done in no time and released in the next update, but when our developers start working on it, it turns out that it is not that simple and requires more time and/or resources. Additionally, technical complications may arise on the way.

We appreciate your understanding.


  • Display the number of Units every member of the League has on a Beacon.
  • Change the color of besieged Castles’ names and the ones that have Reinforcements on them.
  • Expand the Resource history of the League.
  • Stop displaying the Units of banned players since they do not participate in battles.
  • League Fortress. To display in the Embassy the number of Defensive Units sent by each member of the League.
  • Raise the Rank at which one can see the Defense on Beacons.
  • Add the option to recall all Units from the League Fortress.
  • Include more details in the descriptions of personal Achievements.
  • Add the option to use Dark Essence in the Beacon window.
  • Add a search field to the Diplomacy tab in the Embassy.
  • Add League Fortress statistics, like the ones on Beacons.
  • Make Quest descriptions more specific.
  • Add the League logo on player avatars in the Eagle’s Nest window.


  • The opportunity to change the diplomatic status between Leagues from “At Peace” to “Neutral” in just one click. Currently, it automatically changes to “Allies” (Note: the 3-day timer will remain).
  • Improvements to the Scroll exchange system:
  • There will be a new Filter – League – that will make it easier for League Members to trade Scrolls.
  • You will be able to select the number of Scrolls you would like to trade.
  • Improvements to the Crystal combination system.
  • New Filter in the Battle Reports tab. You will now be able to filter all unread messages so you do not miss any.
  • Battle Reports will show the Distance to Target.
  • New Filter in the League Fortress window. You will be able to apply a filter to Battle Reports to avoid spam when someone launches a hundred attacks of one Unit on your League Fortress.
  • There will be a timer indicating how long until your probation period in the League is up.
  • Security against unintended purchases when acquiring Resources for your League. You are now protected from making accidental purchases when accidentally double-clicking your mouse.
  • You will be able to expand your League using Runes of Fealty.


  • Friendly fights within a League
  • Show the overall strength of Units defending a Beacon, taking into account all the bonuses that apply to them
  • Display the number of Units sent to a Beacon by individual players in the “Beacon Garrison” tab
  • Enable the League Marshals to send offensive Units from League Fortresses as well as from Beacons back to their owners
  • Notify players in the general chat about upgrades and downgrades of League Fortresses
  • No rewards for League Missions for zero contribution
  • Sort Hero Items in the Inventory by the time it takes to break them
  • Give more Shards for breaking the upgraded Hero Items
  • Remove or increase the limit on purchases of Resource Packs at the Black Market
  • Add arrows indicating changes in total League Offense, Defense, and Spying
  • The process of changing the League Marshal
  • Add a warning when a player is trying to send the wrong type of Units to a Battleground of any level, not just the low level ones
  • Display the League icon on player avatars in the Garrison tab
  • Move notifications higher
  • Close the Academy automatically when the League is not active for a certain period of time
  • Have a welcome letter template that a League Marshal can send to a newcomer


  • Add buttons for Unit control to the Keep.
  • Add the information about the Defensive stats of an army against each type of Units.
  • Send different reports for those who were kicked out of the League and those who have left it.
  • Filter members of Rival Leagues.
  • Weekly Rankings. Add a countdown.
  • Castle Skins. Add a possibility to Upgrade them.
  • Give an opportunity to share battle reports.
  • Add a Weekly Rankings for Liberation.
  • Contact list. Show a date when the bookmark was added.
  • Add action menu to all battle reports (like in Spy reports).
  • Resources. Add the information about Dragon Bonuses applied.


  • Count League Fortress fights towards Wars and Challenges.
  • Add Raiding Tournaments.
  • Improve sort option in the Keep.
  • Add an option to remove occupation from the Map.
  • Remove unnecessary Notifications from the League chat.
  • The Keep. Add an option to hide Units in Castle like the one for Catacombs. 
  • Add a 'sort by' menu for garrisons and fiefs.
  • Increase the limit for sending the messages to the League members.
  • Show the number of Units on BGs in a tooltip.
  • Add options to Liberate and Revenge to the occupation reports.
  • Add a filter for Reinforcements reports.
  • Add a target's name to the Unit tracking window in the bottom.
  • Improve the daily log in rewards.
  • Add a search option for Leagues in Diplomacy tab.


  • League Help. Add a League attack request. 
  • League Help. Add Capital/Beacon reinforcement requests. 
  • League Help. Allow creating Reinforcement requests for 1 hour. 
  • Show your Sapphire income/outcome history in a special tab. 
  • Improve Unit filters on Beacons - move them higher. 
  • Allow attacks without losing Raid attempts. 
  • Send notifications for new Applicants to your League. 
  • *Facebook only: Show double free gifts on the 1st page. 
  • League Fortress. Add filters in reports like for the Beacons. 
  • Choose the territory color according to the diplomatic status. 
  • Add a sound notification for incoming attacks. 
  • Allow players to download League statistics. 
  • Allow Marshalls to set privileges for each Rank. 
  • Add more levels to the Achievement for adding allies. 
  • Allow Captains to send offensive Units of their League members back home from Fortresses and Beacons. 
  • Add a counter for the Decor/Defensive buildings. 
  • Add action buttons for rival League members list view. 


  • Show the actual information on the Resources available for Raiding in Attack button. 
  • Add a link to the game profile on the Map. 
  • If a returned player attacks a Beacon or League Fortress, remove his protection. 
  • Add the join date to the League members list. 
  • Add a possibility to copy the whole members list. 
  • Catacombs. Allow to choose which Units you don’t want to send there automatically on high levels of a building. 
  • Add Resource packs of a higher capacity to the Black Market. 
  • Add a joint recon. 
  • Add a “Cancel” button to the Unit tracking window on a Map. 
  • Hide unnecessary clickers above buildings. 
  • Allow debuffing other League Tiers after the “Capture the Flag” Tournament. 
  • How Dragon Points bonuses for all levels of upgrade. 
  • When you boost the attack, and the remaining time is less than 1 minute, show a warning window only once.


  • Battle reports. When you hover your mouse over Tournament points, show the related Tournament. 
  • Identify players of your allied League. 
  • General inventory. Allow deleting unused Items. 
  • Increase the number of Joint attack participants. 
  • Remove the pop-up window with “Upgrade your Unit’ info. 
  • Add limits for kicking players out of League. 
  • Allow League Marshal to create multiple attack requests in League help window. 
  • Allow League Marshal to choose, which Ranks can create attack requests. 
  • Make Unit tracking icons always visible. 
  • Give some incentive to the most active players in League (i.e. statues, medals, etc.) 
  • Sort Leagues by the number of members. 
  • Paste the copied coords to the coords window in a correct format. 
  • Change the colors of Notifications depending on the report type. 
  • Allow players to put a reason of their Rss requests in League help window. 
  • Show the detailed information about Hero Equipment of another player. 
  • Show how much Dark Essence was used by each player in League statistics window. 


  • League Attack Boosts.
  • League Help. Display information about the number of times a League Member has responded to League Help requests.
  • Mar'eth Quests. Add a “Recruit Defensive Units” quest.
  • Monthly Mar’eth Quests. Add a “Gain XP” quest.
  • Create a menu that would allow players to send Units to multiple Beacons at once.
  • Increase the number of items that can be bought with Soulstones.
  • Divine Quests. Increase Reward sizes according to player Level.
  • Remove the Reinforcement limit for allied Castles.
  • Increase the maximum number of Contacts that can be stored.
  • Show total defensive values at Beacons and League Fortress.
  • Black Market. Add an “available offers” filter.
  • Unit Training. Add an option to navigate to the first and the last pages at Unit Training Buildings.
  • Ally Reports. Display the name of the player that has removed someone from the League.
  • League Help. Repair all damaged buildings in allied Castles with one click.
Aug 11, 2016, 12:0908/11/16

January Suggestions

1. Add the opportunity to delete Hero Equipment.

2. Show in the Undead window the icon that attack is sent to it (like with BGs).

3. Add "Coalition" filter to the Market to exchange Scrolls.

4. Display Contacts on the Map and in Battle Reports.

5. Add League Achievement for Units killed at Hamlets.

6. In the Beacons' Tournaments give points for killed Balur Units.

7. Add the number of slots for Champions.

8. Highlight the name of Marshal in the League chat.

9. Add new Ranks for Units upgrade.

10. Add more Levels for Crystals and Dragon Arts.

Feb 7, 2019, 16:3202/07/19
Mar 7, 2019, 11:54(edited)

February Suggestions

1. Leagues menu/Embassy. Add option to search Beacons by their numbers.

2. Add option to search in Contacts by players/Castle name.

3. Add "Send Reinforcements" and "Add as a Friend" to the League members tab.

4. Increase the number of messages kept in the League chat.

5. Embassy. League News. Add filter for League Tower Event.

6. Add the name of the players you replied to League Help Request to the notification window.

7. Don't show this window to the experienced players.

8. League Tower. Show on what Floor players already killed Corrupted.

Mar 7, 2019, 11:5503/07/19
Mar 7, 2019, 13:28(edited)
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