My Lords and Ladies, you have changed the history of the game!

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13 May, 2016, 5:11 PM UTC

My Lords and Ladies, you have changed the history of the game!

Our developers are already working on the following improvements suggested by our valued community:

- Display the number of Units every member of the League has on a Beacon.

- Change the color of besieged Castles’ names and the ones that have Reinforcements on them.

- Expand the Resource history of the League.

- Stop displaying the Units of banned players since they do not participate in battles.

- League Fortress. To display in the Embassy the number of Defensive Units sent by each member of the League.

- Raise the Rank at which one can see the Defense on Beacons.

- Add the option to recall all Units from the League Fortress.

- Add server game time.

- Include more details in the descriptions of personal Achievements.

- Add the option to use Dark Essence in the Beacon window.

- Add a search field to the Diplomacy tab in the Embassy.

- Add League Fortress statistics, like the ones on Beacons.

- Make Quest descriptions more specific.

- Add the League logo on player avatars in the Eagle’s Nest window.

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