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New Global Quest! Telltale Talismans

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Lord Oberon
27 March, 2015, 10:27 AM UTC

New Global Quest!
Telltale Talismans

Thank you for keeping me on retainer after our… previous business, my Lord. I will not give you cause to regret it. Now, this Regdar character— he’s a mercenary captain. There must be something in this for him. Before we plunge into whatever he’s planning, we should verify his claims. I have discovered that Velsya’s raiders often carry distinctive Talismans of bone and fur. The savages believe these trinkets grant them strength and good fortune in battle. Talismans of this type are unique to Velsya’s followers. Tell your soldiers to search out the battlegrounds and bring back these Talismans. With enough Talismans recovered, we will have solid proof of Velsya’s threat to present to the High Council of Stormfall.


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