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31 May, 2016, 8:31 AM UTC

@ Boisdejustice, I agree the capital benefits more to beginners who have not develloped their academy and temple of Demeter yet.

But for once this means even starters coaltions can get advantages that are available to everybody, whetever their power or development level.

Of course, theses advantages will decrease in importance as they progress in the game and develop the other abilities, but at least that's something that was made for them.

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8 June, 2016, 3:56 AM UTC
I like Capitals better than Pantheons. I don't really care about upgrading my troop via training to a few points better but I do like the Capitals bonuses for units. Hope they keep them.
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9 June, 2016, 8:51 PM UTC

I have already written quite a bit about the very boring Coalition Capital.

After giving them about a month to grow on me I am still convinced it is a badly implemented idea that clutters the game and is mostly uninteresting.

Here is a real idea for really making the Capitals relevant and functional.

-    Make them look more like regular cities on the map.  Let them grow in size when they level up as do regular cities. (And get rid of the hideous cartoon-like graphic!)  Let players visit them like they can any other city.

-    Make them look more like regular cities when you visit them, buildings, walls, decorations, just like a city.  They can be on a different background and have different types of buildings… but making them look like cities will help players relate to them better.

-    Capital Level could be represented by a growing Acropolis and discipline developments by statues on columns that grow in height as the levels increase.  For example an archer statue on a column could represent Defensive Heavy Infantry Bonus.

-    Allow tools to be used to build & upgrade walls and towers and provide defense bonus for the troops defending the capital

-    Allow tools to be used to build & upgrade capital production buildings that provides daily resources to every coalition player who visits the city (Similar to tribute collection)

-    Allow tools to be used to build & upgrade various capital military buildings that provide daily troop allotments to every coalition player who clicks on them (Similar to Hall of Heroes)

-    Allow successful attacks on capital to knock down towers and damage buildings and reduce benefits.

-    Allow tools and/or medals to purchase special decorations for the capital to enhance Coalition influence for example.

-    Add a Hall of Heroes building where coalition members can see the “Heroes” of their coalition (Highest weekly ratings for example)

-    Move some of the features currently accessible from the embassy to a War Room or Palace in the Capital

Now every active coalition player would contribute to and visit the Capital every day!  The capital will become the heart of coalition activity.

Implementing this is a big effort as it involves a whole new “city screen” with special buildings and dynamics but it would also be a “real” feature unlike some of the latest Plarium upgrades (Generals) that sap resources and feel like a lame rehash of already existing features (Generals=Elixirs).

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10 June, 2016, 9:07 AM UTC


We will continue improving Coalition Capitals, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the future changes.

We can't make them look like the ordinary Cities, because they aren't. Also, there are no buildings to show. However, it's possible that they will appear in future.

At this point, we can't implement your suggestions, but I really appreciate that you're sharing them. They could be used in future.

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