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Reduced Grain Consumption for Champion Units!

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Basileus Leonidas
17 June, 2015, 3:35 PM UTC

Reduced Grain Consumption for Champion Units!


The gods have shown you favor!

From this day on, the amount of Grain consumed by your Champion Units will be greatly reduced!

Make good use of this gift, Archon, as you fight to rule Hellas!

War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.
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18 June, 2015, 4:02 AM UTC

Is there change on the discount???

because i got a 85% discount today when normally it was only 80% max........

Nothing in Common
UTC +0:00
18 June, 2015, 6:08 AM UTC

You've just got lucky ! :p

I got a 30% on 200 units revivals and decided to carck some drachmas into reviving agemas... :p I wish it would come more often ! :p

Anyway, it's good to know it can go up to 85%. :) It's probably very rare, though.

I pity the fool
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Uncle Junior
18 June, 2015, 12:44 PM UTC

Oh thank you Leonidas lol, thats good news!

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smaUG iou gOlD
18 June, 2015, 2:28 PM UTC

Great Feature Leonidas! 


Kennard T. Paramore
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18 June, 2015, 5:07 PM UTC

the food reduction by troops should be always be this way , never change. just a thought maybe on the castles that are besieged could have feature of food/ bronze/ timber . add a food button to the besieged castles!

Mellissa R.Lance
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20 June, 2015, 7:17 PM UTC

Great, Great idea from "Moonwillow".   Add grain as an option when besieging a city.  I NEVER have enough grain for my army.

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22 June, 2015, 11:30 AM UTC

How can I calculate the number of grains for my total infantries? Is there any calculator avaiable

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22 June, 2015, 12:04 PM UTC

Click on the unit picture, check the grain consumption per hour that's written there, and multiply by the number of units...

I pity the fool
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