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Get a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

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18 February, 2017, 9:05 AM UTC
The best way to win at positions is to do NONE at all. They are only good for losing troops.
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20 February, 2017, 5:36 PM UTC


I follow fill the bank strategy. It is not something i invented, its common among players too. But, i will explain it for those who dont know about it.

You must reduce every available position to one bar, both off and def. There will be 4 bars for each position. Then you must complete the second best position to get payout. Then you can finish all the remaining positions, you may get some partial rewards from them. 

Also i used to hit the second big persian level for getting good equipment or a good coffer.

This is what i do. As i am not that expert in persians, you can go for better ones, if you find one.

With Regards

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20 February, 2017, 9:35 PM UTC

Well those who are good with math, I suggest you to play PP and get EXP and IP..

Those who are not good with math (like me).. stay away from playing Persians hahaha 
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3 March, 2017, 3:13 PM UTC

The Irate Penguin said:

"Sound advice on how to always be successful at Positions" is a tall order, but I'm generally comfortable with my approach:

I am currently playing persian positions around level 80, therefore I am well aware that many other players are ahead of me; nevertheless I do feel that I'm generally on the right track regarding battle tactics and strategic approach in Persians scrimmages.

Having kept more or less close tabs on the rewards of persian position play, both direct and indirect ones, I find them at least as profitable as PvP or other battles and tournaments. On average I tend to lose 7% to 9% of troops battling persians with forces 8 to 10 times the opponent's strength, but these losses are generally outweighed by PP rewards, allowing me to come out even (or slightly better). The "secret" to coming out ahead is, in my opinion, to time PP battles with tournaments, missions and events which offer additional rewards, and to use all available boosts and other tools which help increase troop strength.

PvP tournaments do, in my opinion, offer slightly better rewards but also involve hidden costs. Scoring rewards in a PvP tournament is always a feel-good moment, but one does often forget that antagonizing neighbors, especially higher-level neighbors, also comes with costs that are difficult to quantify; not being able to build offensive units overnight because of constant raids and sieges by others is only one of several bothers that will up the cost of doing PvP's.

Strategies and Tactics

There are quite a few myths regarding the best approach to playing Persian positions, some have merit, some less so. But before getting to those, consider what it is you wish to accomplish

  1. Should you have not yet unlocked all city agreements, Persian Positions are a good way to reap rewards consisting of units you are not yet able to build yourself.

  2. Obviously, winning troops, scrolls, Drachmas, equipment and other perks and boosts is always welcome.

  3. Completing the Oracle Missions is also high on the list, given the good returns.

Now that we know what we want, the next question is how to get it. Here is some advice you’ll hear a lot in chat and on the Plarium forum:

  1. Use only light and heavy infantry.
  2. Always use a good unit mix.
  3. Filling your storage buildings to the hilt with resources will favourably affect PP rewards.
  4. Chip away at Persian positions with unneeded or unwanted units.
  5. Complete persian positions in order.
  6. Imperials do not score points when lost (since they don’t cost resources to build).

The above, although partly true, are as you might have noticed somewhat mutually exclusive. I’ve experimented with quite a few variations, and am now generally favouring this approach:

  1. “Scout” the position with 10 to 20 light units such as Swordsmen or Psilos.

  2. Examine the battle report and gauge where the Persians are weakest; remember that all units have strengths and weaknesses vs. specific unit types such as Infantry, Phalanx or Cavalry.

    Early on, I built myself a small table to keep track of unit strengths and weaknesses and the number of units needed to battle an opponent's unit mix, which is helpful not only against Persian troops.

  3. Make sure your resource storage is maxed out, PP rewards will include resources only if there is sufficient storage space. In absence of available storage, other PP prizes will be awarded.

  4. Remember to tweak your settings to your advantage, activating boosts, enhancers and other bonuses can easily add 50% or more to your nominal troop strength, such as …

    (a) Requip General to support selected unit types, for example favouring light and heavy infantry):

    (b) Reselect potions that will augment the strength of the selected unit types (unless you’re past potion level 6 and your potion selection is locked in).

    (c) Consider activating dominion if you persian attack is of epic proportions.

    (d) Select the Phylarch bonuses that best match what you will be doing.

    (e) Boosts, such as defensive, offensive or experience enhancers, are rare and expensive but if you plan on doing a series of position battles, which is usually a good idea, consider activating some of these to get the most out of your victories. Contrary to general lore, it IS possible to squeeze blood out of a turnip :-).

  5. Also, be sure to wait for the right time to attack; at least one apposite tourney (two would be better, such as PP and XP) should be running so as to make your points count. Also check the tourney rewards to make sure you’re getting what you need, not every PP tournament will offer the same rewards. If, in addition, you are able to complete a personal quest, an Oracle mission and/or a coalition or personal event on the side, then you’ll really have made your attack count.


  1. Never use champion units battling Persian Positions, the returns aren’t worth it.

  2. Generally, don’t commit any troops you are unable to replenish by training.

  3. If possible, select a unit mix that matches your build times rather than using light and heavy infantry exclusively. If for example, you are able to build 20 heavy infantry in the same time you build 4 phalanx or 2 cavalry, then rebuilding that mix will be quicker than building 60 heavy since the builds are concurrent.

  4. Make sure you have sufficient troops to play a position level. I tend to attack with a unit mix strength of at least 4x to 5x that of the Persians. If I lack the troops, chances are I'll have to compromise on the unit mix as well, and will be left with a gaping hole in my offense or defense.

Note: The (Old) Persian Positions table has always served me well when considering what unit strength I will need to invest to clear one position (there is also a new PP Table online).


Cheers Dio

And we have a winner here! 10 000 Drachmas sent!

Also I'd like to thank to all participants!
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