The PvP Warfare Tournament Has Begun!

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9 December, 2016, 5:12 PM UTC

The PvP Warfare Tournament Has Begun!

Reach The Supreme League To Win Massive Rewards!


The PvP Warfare Tournament has begun! This is a message to remind you that the Tournament has been modified to include the Supreme League.

Here’s how it works: similarly skilled Archons have been placed into the same Leagues to compete against one another! This will make certain that all Archons have an equally fair chance at winning a top spot in their League! The higher you place in your League’s Rankings, the more spectacular the Rewards you will receive! The Archons who receive the most Tournament Points will place in the Supreme League where they will have the opportunity to win even greater Rewards!

Inside the Rankings tab of the Tournament window you can find two subtabs:

1. My League

2. Supreme League

Inside the "My League" subtab you can find your fellow League Members and inside the “Supreme League” subtab you can find a list of those Archons who have made it to the Supreme League.

This new system provides all Archons with the opportunity to place in top positions in the Rankings!

May the gods guide you to victory in this Tournament! Seize your destiny!

Basileus Leonidas

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