New Tournaments Have Arrived!

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12 August, 2016, 12:33 PM UTC

New Tournaments Have Arrived!

Check out the PvP and Position Championships NOW!

A message from the marathoners!


These two Tournaments run for 48 hours and are divided into five Heats, including a final. Though all five Heats are open to Archons of all skill levels, each is more difficult than the last. The more difficult the Heat, the more Rewards you’ll be able to get! And with the ability to compete in up to three Heats at a time, your chances of getting Rewards have never been better!

The PvP Championship pits you against Archons from across Hellas! It doesn’t matter whether you choose to target old enemies or new opponents - the more rival Units you destroy, the more Points you will get, and the bigger your Rewards will be!

The Position Championship requires you to locate and successfully attack or defend Positions. The rules are simple - the more of the enemy you destroy, the more Tournament Points you'll get!

This is no cakewalk, Archon. A storm is about to come! Time to put your courage to the test!

Basileus Leonidas

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