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11 August, 2017, 3:38 PM UTC

divine quests sector looks very outdated and has become veryy slow and yuck in looks u can only see three now :/

when u go on map that icon of ur dp that shows how many miles ur from the so and so place that + sign of the new feature on the left corner bottom block the whole icon not allowing to see how many miles u are from the current location when on left bottom

chat break everyday and i get kicked out of the game whn my offence returns from raids!!

happens anytime and everytime!!

you guys need to inform and let us know before u decide to kick us out for the new appearance u install when u feel like which slows it down more

now a third server too how can the main server 1 have newbies when now anytime newbie think of playing he is automatic sent to server 2 and now 3 frm the start we are losing players! and many quit everyday coz of these issues .

and every week there is pvp x2.2! give us chance to rebuild! atleast for the non coiners

starts friday finishes almost 4 days so we have only 3 days to rebuild frm last pvp x2.2 to play for the new x2.2 , please looks for players satisfaction as we know it gives u good business but players satisfaction would be good too


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14 August, 2017, 9:39 AM UTC
Thank you for your feedback. We will pass it to our developers :)
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