Brethren cowards...

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13 August, 2017, 5:43 PM UTC

hi ppl i was in brethren coal

they kick me out because parabellum coa sent 40 attacks on their pantheon so i sent scout of one spy to parabellum pantheon

so i got kicked out and asked why the polemarch of brethren coa said becoz i tried to send one scout to parabellum pantheon.....this is absurd...we are not allowd to send one spy even to a pantheon of the coa who sent 40 attacks on the pantheon of ours

this is coward if anyone want to attack please attack brethren pantheons becoz these ppl will not attack you back and if any do they will be kicked so best for pvp please attack their panth....and they have got 47 inactive member in their coa who not active since 200 to 500 days!!! swear!!

and i made blog on their coa but it got deleted like someone dont want me to post truth on their coal

and previous blod got deleted! and they sending me attacks frm their fake accounts from a coal named cycladians....lvl 50's and 60's their sending me attacks frm thei fake accnts in this coal....and you ask me why i say these are alts of theirs?? because they are in fake challenge with eachother both brethren and cycladians.....cyladians have 18 members only of lvl 15 to 22 and 46 all brethren people pls help and stand with me against this cowards who dont attack those who attack their pantheons but kick me out bcoz i try to stand with them and support by sending one spy back to parabellum pan....and now sending attacks...they can attack only low levels...and do it thru their alts...47 inactive in brethren coa...attack their pans if u want for pvp....they dont take those pans by themself like champs but are given by other coals...losers

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13 August, 2017, 6:02 PM UTC

and one polemarch name rick ifs was pleading for support n help because he was getting harassd...but nobody o brethren help him..

so one time in chat rick ifs said where is our hegemon is he sleepping?? 

he meant in nice way but the hegemon of brethren when he wokeup he saw and got angry for this reason and dropped rick ifs of polemarch sts only bcoz he thought there is double meaning to that question....he demoted him to standard bearer!!!! 

this is hw brethren ppl are...they never help new players.....they selfish...the chat is dead.....47 playrs who are inactive..they dont retaliate....and kick out ppl without warning.....coz he got a short fuse...and is kind n good n lick butt...onlt of top coa...

they dnt help  their ppl also...not even the polemarch!!

the hegemon has alt name of azatoth ifs..also in cycladians named salt boy...cycladians and brethren are in fake challenge n they have war with fake alt coa also.....

pls help me ppl i like the game n want to keep playing but these ppl now using alt coa to attack...thanks..

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14 August, 2017, 9:25 AM UTC

these 4 links is of the attacks on pan of brethren these many attaks!!! after this i sent that one scout why i got kicked n attacked by these cowards...

now i will post link of alt coa of brethren cycladians attacks

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15 August, 2017, 8:45 PM UTC

wish you all the best and search for a new coa and dont quit the game because of these type of people :)

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3 September, 2017, 11:02 AM UTC
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