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9 January, 2017, 7:53 PM UTC

International Federation of Sparta

The International Federation of Sparta (IFS) is a league of coalitions that have common goals and objectives.  

IFS is a federation in which members not only help each other as close allies but as much as we can, we will try to act like one coalition. If one coal is attacked, we all fight together. 

Through the implementation of an organization structure, designed and supervised by Lost Souls, members of IFS work together to achieve the common goals and objective that will benefit them all.

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Currently, we are hiring 5 coalitions. The coalitions are as follows: 

Lost Souls BBS3 – REILEONIDIS I.F.S (x: 2361 y: 3236)
Lost Souls BBS4 – THE NERVE CENTER I.F.S (x: 2175 y: 1311)
Lost Souls Pride II – RHODES I.F.S (x: -729 y: 1901)
Lost Souls Chill – DAVIDUS I.F.S (x: -599 y: 510)
Hellhounds – GAJ I.F.S (x: -899 y: 606) AND NIELS I.F.S (x: 1485 y: 1595)

Send a request to above name when you willing to join us. Please read our coalitions advertise before apply as every coalition have certain requirements to fill in before join us.

To see the coalitions advertise please click the link:

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