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23 November, 2016, 8:25 AM UTC

Last year I wrote a letter to Plarium accusing the staff of wanting drive a Ferrari, you all. You said no ... but instead it was true, I know who have seen you! :)


Without respect for history that you are representing anything goes, even the paratroopers. You have mixed a little of everything without criteria, if your old history teacher only knew…

Greek amphitheaters were dug in the hillsides and were used for theatrical performances not for fighting, you have done the Colosseum. The General as a whole looks like a medieval knight: Winged helmet, oblong shield with lion rampant, here we are in the heraldry. Heraldry was born in the Middle Ages. Roman units of the imperial period that fight alongside the Greek ones at the time of Xerxes? In 480 BC The Romans fought the Etruscans, the Sunnis, the Volsces, and the other clan of of the Centre of Italy. Roman wars against the Greeks take place 200 years after Leonida & Co.

To be clear: 1940: Hitler's attempt to invade England ... 1740: Maria Theresa of Austria ascended to the throne (200 years away). The two events do not fit together. When you introduce the Foreign Legion and the Navy Seals? All we are waiting for them anxiously! When you do them, I would have included the Desert Eagle .50 AE and M4 Carabine. If there is an energy shield that protects my Polis I want even the Apache helicopters ... it seems to me the least, don't you? :)


In the last year you have introduced in the Market dozens of extra-pay unnecessary and justified only by the fact that you want to go with a Ferrari: Emporium Gatherer +25/50%, City Defense +10/20%, Ghost Army. But my favorite is the Full Protection, which creates a dome of energy such as protecting the Death Star in Star Wars ... pretty cool! The ancient Greek city-states often used the plasma energy shields to protect themselves from the droppings of gulls in flight, which at that time were a serious problem, everyone knows!

Rather than sell the City Defense +10/20%, make you more effective defensive walls, which are expensive and have 9000 defensive strength in the level 5 (equivalent to 3 Agema horsemen). Make these as efficient as sell protection without unnecessary extras.

I can -paying- resuscitate the deads: Macumba, Voodoo, what magic is this? With what justification can I do it? At least, to the resurrected deads, give him the look of a zombies. So the irrational becomes funny. There is a possibility -paying- to move an entire city on the map. I tell you what age, past or present, cities are dematerialized and materialized somewhere else? We are in ancient Greece or in The Matrix? Here of ancient Greece there is, more or less 55% in variable proportion.

As sellers you are at the top, but trampled history. Question: Do you prefer a red Ferrari (extremely ordinary), a black one (like Mike Tyson) or a yellow one (like Arab sheiks) ??


Increased premiums of Positions and promote the News. After a few weeks the Positions come back the frustration that was before ... and you shut up, but the players realize it. This is lack of professionalism, my friends. Give a sugary, widely publicized, then, for fear that someone take off the Ferrari to you, back off and we get the beating ... by you budgeted.


If you were more far-sighted and not only greedy, you would understand that too much pulling a rope at the end it breaks. Giving more to intermediate player you would gain it, so instead you seem the most unpleasant and obnoxious Ebenezer Scrooge.

What was the purpose of the raids in the cities? Certainly not steal wood, were the gold and silver they sought. Why not give me every time I raided a city 2 Drachmas reward. After ten raids I gained 20 Drachmas, which are nothing but an incentive for the player. Not you! Everything in here we have to pay to have it available.

I fight the PVP, I lose 3 million Off, 6 million Def, and that's incredible, at the end of PVP I win 360 Promachos, 250 Drachmas and 4 Scrolls. And this constant drain of resources and unity is aimed at a single goal: to sell us extra-pay. Plarium ... grant us more, players without Platinum Card, they are literally crushed by those who buy everything without hesitation.


At the beginning SWoE Tournaments were monthly. It was nice as well. The wait is a preparation for the event. At the beginning there were two Tournaments: The Positions and the PVP. Today there are, how many, 10, 12 types of Tournaments (useless). Birth of a Tournament after another: The more you fight the more you lose the more you buy. Have you studied well. But this stifles the players and forces them to a tour de force of mind that instead of creating desire to play to unwind from the ugliness of real life, produces disgust, sense of guilt from dependence (angry partner) and desire to give up.


When I'm home I have the fixed idea to enter the game each 3H to start the Phylarch. I like to play, and this psychological addiction is also normal. But one should play, work, hanging out with friends, fuck, take your dog out, without the worry ... Oh between 1H turns off the Phylarch I have to start it again ... is not human as well. The Phylarch effect should last at least 24H.

Pulls pulls the rope breaks. When the thought of the day is always the game so stuffy sooner or later they send everything to hell, and many have done so. The Plarium did not understand that does the opposite by following this policy, hectic greedy and foolish, creating GAP increasingly vertiginous, between those who have a lot of economic opportunity and who is not, in addition to vampirization of our time ... I CALL A REVOLT OF PLAYERS!


When all the players will be tired of getting kicked by rich kids and executives who buy, army and level and will seek other outlets, will remain here only those rich people, who after a while, when they are tired of staring at each other with each other, they stop playing even ... but in the meantime the Ferrari have come a long way.


Just come here by newbee I met a girl from Cleveland, Ohio, a great warrior, with her we stood up to an entire league, we were young players and SWoE had just been born and free of all these expensive and unnecessary frills. Karen was paralyzed in a chair, he suffered from depression and was playing. Karen suddenly disappears from the game. I always look back with nostalgia her abandoned city.

Many of my team-mates have problems at work, a wife who does not like, separations being, bereavement, but they play. Because we are here, all in the same boat and the same reasons: We are adults with a childlike spirit. These are the playmates that I love, not the owners of supermarkets that the level 110 have purchased.

Note: The Game was born in the spring of 2014, I enter in summer 2014, I am one of the pioneers here. For over a year I have not done Positions, because I was losing units and nothing else, this has affected me a little in the player's level. Who plays from the beginning, like me, buying (and rightly the Plarium must earn) something every now and when he can, and grows with its own forces, now has a player level between 85 and 95. Those who exceeds his level he bought it ... and there's nothing illegal, indeed, but I'll mark it as known. :) Buy the player level (purchased in benefits) is not just a fact of which go so proud. The Plarium should prevent this does not facilitate it.

Mr. Plarium, also thinks of those French, Russian, American, Italian, British, bringing home little money and love to play this, in spite of everything, good game. If you lower the prices a little, remove the unnecessary crap and increases our winnings, you would find a lot more people that something can buy you gladly (well designed purchases not the jumble of things in the balance between science fiction and magic tricks that you sell now). But if you annihilate them and not give him hopes of competing with the heirs, surgeons and managers, they are like two boxers: One has his hands free and bought the referee, the other tied behind his back.


My dream is to see SWoE become a game of strategy not just a shooter. In a strategy game (and war) wins, who better and more wisely governs a Polis. Then purchases must be there, no one says otherwise.


** Why not create a population and introduce fees for citizens, Drachmas revenue for the player to handle alone (thus saving the extra-pay) for the development of his Polis. Cities produce wood, bronze and grain ... but the farmers, workers, women children, and their homes where they are? There is only the male warrior caste. I propose: We introduce a "mood" effect and a population that works and pays taxes (as in other games). Military caste + workers / slaves + taxes receivable + degree of satisfaction / dissatisfaction. If those who administer the city creates discontent among citizens, their mood and production, fall, and the troops fighting with the 10 or 20% less energy, conversely a happy population gives his army greater vigor and strength in battle.

A real structured gameplay, not just buy, you die, you buy, you die, you buy ... the Ferrari (you) paid by us but we are not satisfied.

** The grain there is, there are no farmers who collect it, but the grain comes to the granaries. And livestock? Fishing? (the main power source for ancient Greece) The food produced by the city in fact. The army only eat so much bread ... I understand! :) The pizza we invent the Italian 2200 years later, then only we give bread to the warriors?

** Why do not we do that if raided a city, I capture gold, resources and a part of the population to be used as laborers or slaves in the fields, helping my Polis and weakening the opponent momentarily. This implies changes to the gameplay: Less raids more prizes. They are not reasonable 10 raids of cities daily. To raid 10 cities, an average of 20 miles away, my troops cross it, at least 200 miles to go, 200 miles to return, fighting 10 times a day. On your history books published exclusively for Plarium you read this? :)

** The siege is useless as a deterrent and is also a plus for the beleaguered, which may raid in turn me freely, more is protected by my troops in his city. We improve the management of sieges with the Rules of Engagement and output: With the force or by paying a toll.

** Let's become the Embassy worthy of the name, putting strict rules to covenants which are now nonexistent. We give the opportunity to the Allies (which is logical) to enter into our Pantheon as observers and as reinforcements ... these things between allies you make. :) Who makes a treaty of alliance and then breaks it pays a pledge to establish. Without any rules there is no commitment, apart from the desire of players to respect the peace and alliance arrangements.

These are just some ideas (best you find them) to make this a strategic and governmental skill game. Otherwise it all comes down, that I scorn with a 110 level that loses 200 million attack and the next day he repurchases 200 million, while I use months to lift me.

Best regards, Best regards, Best regards. So they end all interventions of my colleagues players at the Forum. The Plarium well as (rightly) Best regards occasionally also deserves a nice ... EAT MY SHORTS!

Eudoro, Equites MMXV

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23 November, 2016, 12:11 PM UTC

good speech!!

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26 November, 2016, 12:05 AM UTC

Hello there Archon! I like your article but I am in no place of giving you the answers you seek!

I'll forward it to An admin !

THank you for your time and efford being into that thread!
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26 November, 2016, 11:53 PM UTC

I like your ideas, Eudoro! Great speech! I hope you're suggestions get put into the game!

Best regards to you!

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28 November, 2016, 6:35 AM UTC
Prometheus said:

Hello there Archon! I like your article but I am in no place of giving you the answers you seek!

I'll forward it to An admin !

THank you for your time and efford being into that thread!
Well, that was a waste of article. Whenever something gets sent to an Admin it usally ends up in the endless pit of unread material where all posts go to die forever and ever. :D
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4 December, 2016, 1:21 AM UTC
Excellent article, Eudoro. Really nice suggestions pipped out there. I hope the developers and admins actually want to take off of this; this is fire.
☪Alab ☪
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