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10 April, 2016, 5:33 AM UTC

Brotherhood II is the training coalition for Brotherhood.  We are in the Lost Souls and Kracken coalition family.  Our members are 100+ and growing each day.  We have a Capital.  Further  posting will follow to keep members updated and informed about our coalition.  

Here is a list of abbreviations we use in coalition chat:

1k = 1,000

afk = away from keyboard

bbl = be back later

bot or bots = bot cities that are raided for resources

brb = be right back

cap = capital

cata (defense) = catapult

cata (offense) = cataphract

cav = calvary

cya = see you around

cyl = see you later or catch you later

def = defense

dom = dominion

drac or drach = drachma

emp = emporium

ftw = what the f

hug = defensive gathering

hypa = hypaspits

hop = hoplite

hug = defensive troops

jav = javelineer

mins = minutes

mt pelts or mounted pelts = mounted peltast

off = offense

oric = orichalcum

otw = on the way

np = no problems

nvm = nevermind

nw = no worries

pelts = peltast

rss = resources

sec(s) = seconds

scorp = scorpio

swords = swordsmen/swordman

tc = take care

ttyl - talk to you later

ty = thank you

tyvm = thank you very much

yw = your welcome

yvmw = your very much welcome

w t f = what the f

wth or w t h = what the h or what the heck

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10 April, 2016, 11:51 AM UTC

The Brotherhood II , do not demand anything from our members , any member looking to play the game with just a little seriousness and a whole lot more fun , this is the right one for you ,

cheers to all :)
The Punisher
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