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Hidden Paths Not Working!

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29 November, 2016, 8:53 PM UTC


I just tried to use two hidden paths while on a raid and both times had no effect, no travel time was reduced!

I tried to use a 25% hidden path and needed to look twice as i was not sure if it reduced the travel time i could not be sure (was not paying attention, trust it to do its job) so i tried again and used another 25% hidden path and this time i am 100% certain the hidden path had no effect, travel time did not change at all.

I did think/wonder before if i was seeing things when using hidden paths especially when u use a lot of them at one time, however now i watched closely I am sure i was not seeing things in the past.

This also leads me to believe that there may have been more times in the past where hidden paths has not worked for me which i may have noticed but just brushed them off as me not paying attention. 

Again - this also leads me to think as i now have witnessed a boost not working that may be other boosts have not worked and i just never noticed, i have read other players mentioning boosts of different kinds not working.

In my disbelief i did not take a screen shot of this at the time (about 30mins ago) and have no more hidden paths left so sadly cannot prove this to you at this time with screen shot, i can only give u my word.

I do not expect any miracles here from you guys (moderators/support team) i do expect one of you to suggest i pm the support team and another saying please take a screen shot next time.

There are meny other glitches i could mention e.g the private messaging glitch i have 4 ghost pms and 2 ghost galley reports for a long time they seem like part of the graphics now, i know if i get 5 pms i have at least 1 real pm, same with galley except if i got 3 or more i have at least 1 real galley report.

Then there are the towers and walls dance, towers and walls turn around like an open door.

My point is towers and walls turning and ghost messages are relatively harmless an annoyance to some but some others can cope with it easily enough, no real loss, but when boosts do not work e.g a time reduction boost does not reduce time like it is 'programmed to do so' - there now seems to be a bit of a problem!

It makes me now think what else has not done its job like it is 'programmed to do so', it is a type of negligence i believe, i will keep a close eye out for the time being and screen shot anything here, using my valuable sparta time taking screen shots and posting them here when i should be in battle shoulder to shoulder with my brothers in arms! 

If I can get the time and anyone else can be bothered - should all post every single screen shot of any boosts not working in the forum over load with screens shots of boosts not working.

I apologises for my post, that it may not be the most positive post in the world but I do feel cheated and disappointed in a game that I really enjoy.

I hope all this 'bug's which can be fixed are fixed. :)



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30 November, 2016, 11:53 AM UTC

I've just tested the Hidden Paths. They worked as intended. It could be a visual glitch that the info didn't update in the tracking window when you used them. Anyway, you can contact Support so they could checked all details.

As for the walls issue, could you please show it on screenshots or give me steps to reproduce it? I'm not sure I understand what you mean exactly.

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30 November, 2016, 4:00 PM UTC

The same has happened to me especially when I use lots of boosts but I refresh and the time is reduced as how it's supposed to be. I have never had a problem with the time not being reduced! Did you refresh the page to see if the time was reduced?
As for the ghost messages and reports we all need to be patient and have faith in the devs to fix this as soon as possible.

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3 December, 2016, 3:45 PM UTC

thank you Xena,

And apologies for my long winded post.

please go ahead and delete this thread.

re. 'faith' in the devs, that's a whole new thread. :) 

Thanks guys for the reply's. in future if any problems arise i will be sure to take a screen shot. ;)

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