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Persian Position Payouts....HELP!!!

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8 November, 2016, 4:58 AM UTC
Ok, I thought i had a grip on how these went. You attacked several in order to bring the strength bar at the bottom down to one and then you hit and kill the highest level one available (or that u r capable of beating) But now i saw a news flash that said that since november that will no longer work. Can someone in plain, simply language (without confusing me with math since I am terrible at math) just tell me the best most effective way to max my payouts. I keep losing tons of swordsman/javeliners and wind up getting way to small amount of strong unit or worse the same type that i sacrificed, but less than I lost not even an increase. the more help the better!!!!!!!
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12 November, 2016, 4:27 PM UTC
moved to game discussion forum as I think you will get a faster answer there :) 
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15 November, 2016, 10:41 PM UTC

I thought this was the game discussion forum!?!? I am still not getting any replies. I know that the system of weakening multiple low level positions then killing a high level one to get a "better" payout is no longer valid, but i have been told several conflicting things from different hegemony members. First I was told that it doesn't matter if u send small waves or large waves because it takes a set amount of resource value to defeat a position. So whether you send 100 swordsman or 25 spartan hoplites it works out the same. but then someone else told me that if you send larger waves you lose fewer units and that the idea was to send a "scouting" party to assess position strength and then attack with about one and a half times the positions strength. Which is right.

Also does position strength refer to amount of troops or the defense/offense totals??? I have tried to track my losses and payouts but I can't seem to figure if the small payouts (e.g. - 12 swordman from a lv 13 position) affect the loan payback from the last large one (e.g. - +47 Spartan Hoplites)

Please someone help clear this up I feel I am wasting units that I spent hours and hours training!!!!

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15 November, 2016, 11:01 PM UTC

ok for one I never use the one bar effect on levels I play how I feel is accordingly and keep track what I start with and what I finish after I banked on losses here's is a sample on one of my hits to show u the results .

now after taking affect what I started with I came out a little ahead a few mill in offense and defense I normally will on play on one side not both.
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20 November, 2016, 1:29 AM UTC
Persians are a joke now I remember getting large payouts and now the payouts aren't worth the troops that you put into them another way for plarium to rob us of our enjoyment well done plarium you money hungry grubs. Its about time that the developers (robbers ) really started to pull their heads in and give back to the game and stop robbing everyone of the enjoyment I have seen so many leave this game and the only reason I stay is that Terminators family and some friends that I have made in the game and moderators if you read this and think it should be removed because I bag plarium who give you a drachma bonus to stick up for them well ban me cause I dont care ill find another way to get my message out there
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