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Game Strategy...

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3 November, 2016, 8:57 PM UTC

A recurring theme of players' complaints is lack of inherent strategy in the game (at the moment it's basically just a numbers game). Any ideas of improvements to the game that Plarium could make that would help with this?

PS. I thought of posting this in the Suggestions section, but it would probably get lost with all the suggestions that aren't directly related to game strategy.
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4 November, 2016, 11:30 AM UTC

I don't think the game has ever really been a strategy game, it's too simplistic for that. Catching an offense outside is a move rather than strategic plan. Other things you learn in game isn't really strategy.  Only strategy if you can call it that, is different troops have differerent values against other kinds and so you can tailor your army as you wish, the general adds to that a bit since you can swap items around to bolster between 1 to all type of offense/def unit depending what items you have spare.  Elixirs don't get changed very often as they cost to swap, nothing strategic to static boosts or paid enhancers.

Some people here just do select all offense raids even if some champs are barely supported.  Not sure what strategic elements could be added to this game.

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4 November, 2016, 11:59 AM UTC
Interesting topic :) You can collect player suggestions here and then post a list to Suggestions thread 
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5 November, 2016, 11:35 AM UTC

the game can easily be a strat game by changing how units interact. Units look different but dont add much counter value.

As example cheap infantry units should hardcounter expensive horse units. This means that a weaker player can do more damage to a bigger player if his army is not balanced.

This means that the person using horses needs to send counter units also against the infantry. The counters now are too weak.

Unless they change this, where units hardcounter certain units, it can never be a strat game, every strat game works with this princinple.

The downside is that one side will take alot more losses however has the worst units sended against eachother. Knowing your opponent by scouting which units he builds will add more strat.

I think everyone playing this game was expecting this kind of game, as the game is advertised as a strategy mmo. 

The game is too boring unless they add the strategy element to their game as advertised. There is little reason to spend money on a game when u dont have the feeling of outplayed your opponent.

Instead of who has the biggest army, smaller coiners will be able to do heavy damage when they use the proper counter units. Now only matters who has the biggest army. The whole point of a game is to be able to defeat bigger armies with better play. This is just lacking and adding stuff to buy does not change this fact and while fun for some months. Without a challenge to use your brain and outplay, u get bored.

The whole reason to play a game is to play better, but plarium seems to have forgotten why people play games.

ps; at the moment whoever has biggest army of agema is the strongest, however in a good balanced strat game. Different armies would be strong. U would have people with large infantry supported with units that defend against infantrykillers. While other might go with large phalanx army.  Different armies would defeat different opponents. Attacking together with different units would add more depth again.

People would feel more fun as there would be alot of strategy involved into defending and attacking with the correct units. If everyone has the same type of army there is a problem with a game.

The should remake their whole game balancing and make 1 big update to totally change how the game plays. Not only does this make the game better. Most games will do big updates that change the dynamic of the game, while the game remains the same, u need to change how it plays to keep it feel fresh. This is needed for older plays, because the game will feel new again.

But plarium been too busy trying to add money features then improving their game so old player stay, the game is more rewarding and new players come in and dont leave.
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