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The Pros and Cons of Plarium having raised the Agreement levels to 32

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29 October, 2016, 12:25 AM UTC

An open discussion for which every one is asked to share their own thoughts and opinions about.

Mine for starters here...

The raising of the agreement levels to 32 only encourages higher level players and stronger coas to purposely target and attack lower level players and smaller coas, who as a result will be much easier and less risky targets regarding losses and drachma/coin spent to revive and rebuild one's losses.

However, the bigger problem with Plarium doing so imo is it now gives lower level players no reason to bother upgrading any agreement to any level.

As it use to be an achievement one worked and strived towards completing. By which every one was limited to the same max of level 20, and which when completed allowed a still growing player to then put all their resources and efforts towards completing their cities, building their armies, etc. Which in turn led to their coa becoming stronger, doing more and advancing as well.

Now lower level players will instead have to devote a much larger portion of their resources and efforts to simply producing masses of and mostly replacements units to simply survive and rather than building and upgrading their cities, scrolls, agreements, elixirs, etc.

And what newer/lower level player wants to continue to play a game where the only point and purpose of their logging in, and the only fun to be had is to acropolize and que up more unit builds and then log out?

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