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Glory Point issues

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29 May, 2016, 11:51 PM UTC

Hoping someone can help me understand when you get Glory Points and when you don't. I've read the guide and sorry but that really wasn't helpful at all. 

It appears to me if I don't do anything but login clear my timber, bronze that Glory Points will appear. Not always but it has happened the last time I got 200 GP. 

Capture an Emporia maybe yes maybe no 

Do the Legendary or Epic challenges again maybe yes or maybe no.  

So what is the trick to know when I'm going to get GP and when I'm not?

Thank you 


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30 May, 2016, 4:40 AM UTC

You will get GPs - Glory Points only through Tournaments.

The 2 arrows at top left corner of your screen is used to toggle between resources. You might have clicked it & saw that 200 GPs.

Use this button to toggle 3 pages.

1st page  - Timber, Bronze, Grain

2nd page - Denarii, GPs, Scrolls

3rd page - Upgrade Sketches

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30 May, 2016, 11:35 PM UTC

the weekend pvp event is the only one that gives good gp. There are other events that can give small gp awards during the week. But the main one seems to be in the weekend with the pvp event.

If there is a tournament u can check the reward and see if gp can be earned. Basicly u earn gp very slowly once a week by doing pvp.

U probably will only earn 30-50 points each time and need to play a while before u have enough.

In 60 days i earned about 700 gp.

Different events give different rewards so u wanne check the rewards and see if they are worth it and if u have enough units to enter more events.

U wanne make sure u have enough units left for the weekend as thats where most gp are earned i believe.
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