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15 April, 2016, 2:05 PM UTC

HOW start plarium every day 3-4 tournament, thants mean a lot army, and u cant build it, so u must buy it, but now is more perverse in this pvp.

in options for x2 he search from coal with 100 members 200k points, and for poor 2,2 search 400 k points from all coal, so all player must have 40 k points to be poor x 2,2 , 

so what u think plarium, with this, are we fool?

stop once, u lost players.

second perversion is "box, or pandorian box" with special offfer. always that is better offer than every day offers, but what is interesting. now in that box have offer for 9.9 or some take it for 19.9 $ and have only 3 champions and nothing more, his woth he says is 31 k drahma, under that offer is regular, every day offer, and is 9.9$ with more champ and army toys and his worth is 42 k???

so how special is worst than regular. 

u are crazy, definetlly u will lost and last player, only your sponsiored coal and players will stay, and biggest buyer will leave.

before with 250 k army u make 10 k points now with 250k , u cant make 3k points, such a poor,to make 20 k points to be double, im not stupid, who like to play is free to play, 

in position take over start in some position to dont give army, and for 100 points u must spend 45 k army, that is poor 30 drahma and 5 promo, 

this is not anymore game, i see end of this game soon,.

keep going with this way plarium, take more money before stay 2-3000 players or buyers.

i dont care anymore for my acc, even is almost lvl 82, and all open upgraded to lvl 19 or some 20, i mean on army


and yes forgot


u must wait 5 min to start collect ress. in that 5 min u will be hitet 50 times from other, big lose for poor army and drahma.

and i have mission to collect 9 k bronze for big reward 1 agema. so i must send min 30-50 k to take 9k ress, but with that army all can hit u, so lose is much biger than that piss agema.

dailly missions, 500 points for 10 swordsman???

do u think we are stupid?

or hit position min 62, or 2 positions, for 10 swordsman???

Watch your words. Disrespectful posts will be deleted.

Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
15 April, 2016, 4:40 PM UTC
Were'nt you leaving hehe, actually you are arguing almost the same thing everyday, the answer - game was not made for your special enjoyment and profit, you can do one thing to make them obey you. Fund plarium yourselves.
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15 April, 2016, 4:58 PM UTC


what to do, but i cant resist to dont write this poor offers, and he says will be much better, 

and i leave forum few days but this make me crazy, some to make me stupid, but ok, i see that he will send a lot mails to return players, and give him a lot free rewards, but will be late.

if is good for u, no need to write me, give him all your couple month salary, im still not stupid such a lot, 
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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15 April, 2016, 5:38 PM UTC

Ok don't want a fight. But don't be upset so much that the game turned into a buyer one, at your time honest players like you were at the top but buyers now have got an upper edge, its just a city, you are still at level 81 which is very high, your coalition players might not want to leave you. You have killed millions of army of new and purchasing players(now what more you want). You have done all this without buying. In the end what good you can do to your coalition matters, the interaction, making it large, helping others with knowledge and experience, after all the game was aimed at this.

Now leave the arguement and look forward to what you have and what you can do. Plarium doesn't want to deliberately take away the fun

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15 April, 2016, 5:56 PM UTC


im impresed how much u know for me.

yep i make all in game,. i was 5 time top pvp, 5, 10, 25, 25, 30 place,

3 time position takeover 31, 51, 60 place, and 1 time in top 10 weekly, also before ban in top 100 raiders, and only for not full year, when u take 2 month ban almost, and after ban he leave me with 1 hoplit, i take from oracle 25 milions, abd yes i make some players to leave with attacking, because i know this game from facebookwhere i was in top 5 coal, but same, ban because i kill couple milions to first buyer maybe. and he insulted me i return and pusi reported only my insult, plarium never ask who first start, only who first send report, and im not pusi to send reports, a lot time fuk my mother, but he is still not pregnant.

i write constructive, because a lot players leave, maybe u see fight with plarium, but i like to told him that way is wrong, a lot players near me is good farms, only for this buyers, and also to dont forget plariums players and coalitions, where plarium is sponsor, only to have more points.i understand to spend some money in some game, he created for that , but this is crazy, here need couple salary how he make game.and i will leave like other some day maybe he will blocked me, like my messenger is blocked forewer, and say like God, no more messenger, like i will cry. to be happy that i and other like me still play, because lvl 90 still dont know to raid, i have 126 mil raid lvl 90 only 15 mil, and all upgrades with sketches, 

for that and his player who sponsored lost 50 milions, make siege with only off, and lose 200 champs maybe, then only deff, so is poor.

what to help in coal, same players in couple coal, a lot fakes, lvl 60 will learn me, and be my pole, when i played this game and i was pole he didnt know what is this. but ok, who how like to understand, game lose every day players, that all can see on rating site

and again thanks for knowing my results, for 10 month active play to upgrade all, open and upgrade all army almost to l;vl 20, and dominion only 600 points to dom 10. without cent spendiong

thanks again

Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
15 April, 2016, 8:27 PM UTC

Hey, what happened about the former post being your last on this forum? ;)

Anything you say means nothing, your promises, your complaints, your ramblings. Don't you have Any self reflection and realize this? Don't answer, I know the answer.
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15 April, 2016, 8:35 PM UTC


continue buying, and give money to plarium, he will say thanks to u, 

i will keep my money

about promise, and plarium promise better offers and give sh....

so go play and buy more, maybe he need more money for couple plains, 

and dont take care for me, what i like will do, is my choice, 

enjjoy in spending

Aleksandar III Makedonski
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Rob May
15 April, 2016, 9:30 PM UTC

if you were clever, you would pick which tournament you want to do or lets say go for minimum reward of 100-500 points etc in all.

nobody is forcing you to spent entire army every tournament or even go for maximum reward, being 10k, 20-30k points whatever.

you wont lose anything for not participating in these tournaments, and also u don't gain any super advantage by participating. So its entirely up to you if u want to join or how much points u want to score for each.

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15 April, 2016, 10:15 PM UTC

rob may

in my country have one joke for woman and his lover , not husband...


so and here, if i dont like to participate, some will attack me, if i hide army will make siege, and u like or not u must broke siege, and when u see like upper joke, if u dont like to participate, other maybe like
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
Rob May
16 April, 2016, 5:46 PM UTC

sorry didn't get that joke.

I think that's one of first rule u learn in this game, to know against who to fight/defend or don't.

what's the point to defend against someone with 200mil army if you are not in same league. If your ego get's damaged and you feel u must fight, well u must spend money. Or like most of players they know where is their place in food chain.

even if you somehow antagonize top player, and he sieges you, all you lose is like 25% timber production and ..... that's it. U can play as usual.

It is like walking down a dark street at night and meeting bunch of gang members, and they make some nasty comments about you, providing they just don't rob you:)

if u feel like you can take them all out, good for you. But I think rest of people know their strengths and prefer to move on to live another day.

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