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Persian Positions 1 bar

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5 April, 2016, 10:17 AM UTC

I've tried to figure out the actual PP one bar'ing. I can't seem to get how the mechanics work. Sure, you got fields you can add numbers to, and I've done that. What I'm after, is to really figure out how the "Sparta - War of Empires Persian Positions v10.2 works. I have 24 slots for positions: 12 being offense and 12 being defense. I also add the numbers I'm supposed to add there.

I've heard that offense and defense one bar'ing is cumulative. I spent exactly 1 049 596 resources worth of units. As I attempted to get my big payout, I received:

41 Cretan Archer -  39900

109 Myrmidon -  236094

 46 694 in resources

1 chest

5 Dominion Points

This was from a Lv. 18 or 19 offensive position. As you can see, I'm over 700k short of receiving what I should have received. The list after this looks like:

67 Thur

21033 bronze

26 Spartan Hoplite

130 Peltast

128 wood

390 Bronze,

357 food

27 Hoplite

45 Swordmen

1492 wood

1 Saris

4 Myrmidon

470 wood 233 bronze 380 food

77 Psilos

16 Swordsmen

2906 wood

102 Javelineer

26 Hoplite

24 Hoplite

65 Psilos

454 wood 242 bronze, 409 grain

1 Saris

240 wood, 156 bronze 222 grain

1 Saris

25 Swordsmen

1 Spartan Hoplite

8 Peltast

4 Peltast

2 Swordsmen

2 Prom

2 Scrolls

126 Javelineers

Units gained in total:

21 Cretan Archers

113 Myrmidons

67 Thur

27 Spart. Hop

142 Pel

77 Hop

88 Swordmen

3 Saris

142 Psilos

228 Javelineer

2 Prom

Those are the positions I cleared out. All having 1 bar of power. I might not have fulfilled the needed bank amount to claim my big payout. But if I did indeed fulfill the needs, shouldn't I have gotten 1 price and not prices spread out over all one bars cleared?

As for the bank, can I clear the numbers after each price is payed out? As for the bank, I mean the fields where you add soldiers, which is then turned into resources. If I just add new units towards an old price, then the total bank would just look too huge in comparison with what I've actually payed.

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5 April, 2016, 10:26 AM UTC
I might have added this to the wrong topic, so please do move it to discussion if it's not the place it's supposed to be :D
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Rob May
5 April, 2016, 3:57 PM UTC

position spreadsheet doesn't do not much else for than track your resources spend, which can be done with pen and paper, its great tool but not magic tool

you have to understand fundamentals.

you need to know your last big payout resource value.

New big payout should come at around 10% higher value than previous big payout, so you need to bank bit more.

getting positions to 1 bar is no different than actually killing them, your can have to subtract partial payouts from invested troops, same as you have to do with your big partial payout and continue

also there are limit how much troops position of certain level can pay. look up one of tab near end of your spreadsheet, if its there u have bit old version.

so for example if u banked 20mil resources, you can expect to get big payout out of lvl 25 position where maximum for example it could pay its lets say 1mil. you have to subtract it from your bank and move on.

if you feel u reached or passed extra 10% above last payout value, hit second highest position for payout, if nothing, invest more and try again.

also you might want to have full resource buildings when you do Persians, you do not want to getting resources back, it is really bad. because every 24k resources you get as reward is actually 1 agema horse worth of resources, and u want units not resources back,

you don't want to put units into Persians to get back resoruces, you want to change low tier units for high tier units.

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5 April, 2016, 7:16 PM UTC
I know that I want to have have my city filled with resources to not gain any resources at all, to keep the prize purely units. I'll have a look at that page you spoke of, see if it's added towards my excel sheet. If it is, I guess I can see what levels' potential payouts. Because you speak of a cap if I'm not mistaken.
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6 April, 2016, 10:49 AM UTC
Units lost during a payout, do they count towards the next payout, or were they taken into consideration for the payout that already occured?
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6 April, 2016, 12:17 PM UTC

Persians are a black hole, a fools bet.  The supposed trading up of troops is quantitative B.S.  The original PP setup was best and anyone telling you otherwise are guilty of coercion.  PP are like hedge funds, so diluted and complex that only those who invented them understand it and therefore those who invest are the real losers.

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Nuno Paiva
8 April, 2016, 8:40 PM UTC

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8 April, 2016, 9:39 PM UTC
Nuno Paiva said:

your msg means you got payout BRAVO...but if you spended a lot more then get, it is still pointless :)
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10 April, 2016, 1:29 AM UTC
Gorgo said:

Nuno Paiva said:

your msg means you got payout BRAVO...but if you spended a lot more then get, it is still pointless :)
An average player cannot achieve these payouts.  It's like the casino, everyone brags about the one time they won but never mention the 50 times they lost.
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10 April, 2016, 1:34 AM UTC
His next payout comes at about 114M resources spent on troop losses which for the average player who does not coin, equates to killing off 380,000 swordsman or 219,230 Hoplites or 52,631 Myrmidon.  Catch my drift?
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10 April, 2016, 5:02 AM UTC

Not 50 times. Well, at least not 50 high level positions : you mostly have to pay back what you earned, no more.

Reduced partial payouts has become a problem for me, as I was counting on them to grow fast.

The good news (mostly for those level 125 hitting players) is banks will become smaller now, meaning even less positions to clear out before earning the big one.

Still not easy at level 125, though.

I pity the fool
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