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Association is Death Inc.7

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Rob May
3 April, 2016, 9:21 PM UTC

As title said, they changed their name and I don't have any inside info just my speculation, they are no longer member of LS family.

Well I guess you abandon sinking ship and move on.....

but... why the heck do you have to sign deal with someone else so they can keep using you?

To all coalitions who are changing their name to top 3 coas and do dirty work for them:


Here how it is:

LS is going downhill and so will death Inc and terminators follow sooner or later, nobody can simply control that much without infinite cash.

Most of coalition, you can guys perfectly stand on your own, take your own pans without doing any favors to anyone.

But by aiding top coas, you simply only delaying inevitable...their fall. and weakening yourself in the process

Also you players if you are in some of sister coalitions of top 3, and are constantly fighting in greater glory on behalf your bigger brother, retaking pans or punishing standalone coas for taking pan in their territory.... take a better look and decide for yourself:

is this what I want? fighting someone else battles? Even better yet, many of sister coalitions Hegemons are actually alts of your bigger coalition leaders. Their agenda is simple: share their loses to as many people in game, they don't care about you at all !

Time to find new home fellas, do some research and move on.

Sincere Best of luck to you guys who can thing for yourself and to have fun in game, to rest of puppets who just follows other with some nasty agenda, well do what you like.

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3 April, 2016, 10:23 PM UTC

This game has a diplomacy tab and almost every teams uses it. It's a little late in the game to try to play Sparta independently.The lines are drawn. All teams are allied. That is just how the game is played. 

You have no insight into our team or the top (3) teams. 

You say that all the top (3) teams are going to go down, but you give no reasons for this. 

You do not know what it takes to capture and hold a pan.

I can't help you with your last place perspective on the game. 

Strategy games are not for you. Go back to playing Super Mario Brothers. 

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3 April, 2016, 11:07 PM UTC

Hello Spartans! This interesting, and extremely strategic set of events does leave many wondering about the security of their own future plans and designs. This type of manuever betwixt power hitters leaves the opportunities wide open for a signifigant sway of power. As Spike pointed out, the game has begun to form ruts all coals have grown used to, but rifts in trust and lack of honor have left but few choices. As Athens mistakenly over estimated their strength before they declared war on the Spartans in a foolish abandon of common sense, so has another great of this game upon the Association. Our strength has been repeditively proven itself since birth, now our combination of power with everything Death Inc. shall sway the balance. ~av8r

PS- Rob May, is that your game handle too? What coal do you hail from? Why are you so deliberlately anonymous? Scared possibly...

I'll take that shot...
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Rob May
3 April, 2016, 11:28 PM UTC

its random name on facebook gaming account. I guess mods could find out to which character it links in game, if they wish to.

And i'm not scared of my identity, but these are my personal opinions and not of my coalition, no need to drag them here.

That general thinking of securing your future its noble, but at which cost...

also I don't believe it's right way to do it.

There is not real danger from top coas by themselves, but rather coalitions that will hit you in their name, like one you are becoming for DI now...

So I just want you guys to understand that self act of protecting your future is actually working against you.

Many followers abandoned Kracken, now LS(btw I have nothing to do with it), and what I'm trying to say is if everybody stop supporting tyrans, then you don't have to be afraid of anybody.

I have respect for your coalition, that's why am surprised of such move....

if everybody work for their own interest, then they don't have to listen to anybody else telling them what to do, well unless they share same idea as LS, to have instead of troops few sticks and high hopes in their pantheons.

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4 April, 2016, 12:04 AM UTC

Our move to Death Inc. was meant to shock you. We made a bold move in the game and it didn't even cost us one unit. We have tipped the scales of power. We are strong enough to swing victory in the game from one federation to another and we have made our move. As I said before, all the top teams are allied one way or another. The game encourages alliances and many of them are formed. It's ok for someone in the bottom of the ranks to complain that all sister coa. are puppets and they need to, "Grow a pair". You would cut yours off if Death inc offered you a place at the table. 

BTW making this post is not what I would call having respect for our team. 
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Rob May
4 April, 2016, 12:24 AM UTC

I should formed my sentence better, I used to have respect.

I know you don't really care what I have to say or you can associate me with any coa small or big won't change a thing.

you made your choice, and since shifts of power in game are not private, I took liberty of discuss it on forum and stated my opinions so others can join in comment, express their opinions about current and future state of game. they can either agree or disagree with me its fine.

I know your coalition is used as example, since you were last one to join the club, but my topic was intended to comment on bigger picture, it's not only about you coa


sorry forgot to add: that if lets say if DI will offered me something, in your opinion I would take it. well I would thank them for their offer and will say thanks but no thanks. But that's me, I don't make these kind of calls in my coalition and not sure if our leaders would say yes or no.

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4 April, 2016, 12:42 AM UTC

For what it's worth, all of these federations, orders, superhero team ups or whatever you may call them, have one very very similar flaw and that's how to divide the spoils. If you are OK with doing a top 4 coalitions dirty work and not reap the spoils than hats off to you but if you are going to enlist 9 coalitions to fight your battles whilst they gain no ground, I can assure you the idea will fail in the long run.

It must be even across the board or someone at somepoint will wake up and realize they've had a leash on.

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4 April, 2016, 1:23 AM UTC

Honestly, federations don't mean much.

Official allliance or not, any coalition could chose to help any other one.

In addition, we've noticed most of those Death Inc. satellites would just do what they want. Our members are ranting they're hitting our pantheons, and I had to remind them the real Death Inc. never broke any agreement, and when some rogue players from those satellite coalition would play crazy to prove themselves, they just get raided to the ground and problem solved. No need to engage everyone's responsibility when we perfectly know it's just some crazy noob's problem. We have a talk with their respective hegemon when it becomes recurrent, and that's all.

The only true unit on the game is the coalition. If one of them chose to get closer from another one, it's their stuff, and only theirs. Of course, there will be consequences on existing diplomacy. Then where's the problem ?

I understand you could want to talk about this on the forum, that some may be bitter about this, etc. But it's not abnormal either.

This is all usual diplomacy. Just make new agreements with each another, or fight... You're all free about your choices. :)

I pity the fool
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4 April, 2016, 10:57 AM UTC

Making alliance with a coalition not necessarily just make new friend but also decrease the potential enemy.

This is a game where working together is very important. Diplomacy and politics is the soul of any game which is strategic in nature.

It's a wrong perception that big coalitions use sister coalitions for doing their dirty job! Being a part of a larger team is beneficial for anybody. It's like having brothers who are eager to take the hit for you. Being under a large banner makes the gaming easier and more fun. Making trouble with a comparatively young player is easy. But if that young player has Terminators, Death Inc or Lost Souls standing behind him, it's not that easy for the trouble making player.

Being under a large banner makes anyone less vulnerable, more powerful. Growing something has nothing to do with it! :)

Have Fun :)
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Rob May
4 April, 2016, 4:15 PM UTC

well john_zed you nearly sold me out on idea to be part of top 3 coalitions, by your description they are helpful to you and willing to take hit for you and protect you... it almost sounds as smaller coalitions don't have to do anything, just enjoy benefits of what their bigger brother has to offer....

anyway, I fully agree that diplomacy is powerful weapon, it doesn't matter which way are you allied to others in game, what is important that you work together as one unit and following one goal, that's being said...

what I try to tell others is, that you don't follow in most cases same goal, you work on agenda of your big brother coalition, and seen it in past they use you, chew you and spit you out.

I strongly encourage to form equal partnerships with other coalitions, and stay away of top 3(well 2, LS is out of picture) and follow your own goals

"Being under a large banner makes anyone less vulnerable, more powerful. Growing something has nothing to do with it! :)"

if you allowed to be at peace you can train and accumulate units, every person in coalition, doesn't have to be coiner. B ut if you are tasked to constantly yank your troops on some targets provided by your big brother, steering fight away of main coalition and take hit for them, then you don't grow at all.

yes you are most likely promised some reward in the end or constant protection, but to me it sounds like: You open restaurant and these guys with scars on their faces ask you for money, for your "protection"

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4 April, 2016, 5:51 PM UTC

Rob May said:

well john_zed you nearly sold me out on idea to be part of top 3 coalitions.

I'm taking your comment as a compliment! Thanks 

I prefer to say the condition as syndication. Let me make one thing absolutely clear - the benefits from this are mutual. Both the parent coalitions & the sister concerns are getting the fruits from the system. 

You can never imagine from outside how nicely the coalitions are connected. Know what, whenever anyone from my coalition (Terminators) or our brother/sister coalitions are in trouble (like having incoming raid or blah blah blah) and ask for help, notification come to my phone & also to the almost all the players of our syndicate who choose to be always connected. In a single coalition you'll find may be 30 players always online. I always find 120-150 players online. You'll never know & believe how many senior players of Sparta are notified when someone from even LS 10 has trouble with someone from Terminators 10 (or whatever). There are so many things like these. I wish i had more time to exemplify!

There are thousands of different coalitions in Sparta. One can't expect every coalition to have same strategy. One coalition might like to play solo, one coalition might like to join any syndicate. Everyone is right. There shouldn't be any judgement on this basis. However, your topic is interesting. Let's see how others like to express how they think about this.

One last point - LS is not out of the picture. They are still one of the best coalitions in Sparta. The top 3 coalitions (some others as well) are helping one another passively to remain enthusiastic about the game. I can predict without any hesitation that more coalitions are coming forward for syndication. Many good coalitions are playing solo but if they want to reach the top position, they should't play alone. This is only my personal point of view. I've respect for others' opinions too.

Have fun! 

Have Fun :)
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4 April, 2016, 7:39 PM UTC

Yes, of course alliances and diplomacy are part of the game. The ebassy is a wonderfull tool.

Many coalitions list their strongest aliies in their coalition description

We have had, and still have Federatios too: B D G, F C F, N W O etc

Some coalitions became so popular that they set up Academies.

All well and good.

Then came the  No 2 coalitions. The origins of a couple of those are something I would  consider to be a conequence of one of the saddest days in the history of the game but then I guess that with the quest for power, diplomacy comes with betrayal, double crosses and dirty tricks : (

I do understand how closely some coalitions work together though. We do that here at my coalition too and many memders of my coalition come from the highest ranked coalitions, including me.

I do understand the OP s comments on this trend though.

However,  for 'Top' coalitions to insist on others changng there name to become some part of a 'Syndicate' is almost as hard to understand as the fact that others have actually agreed to it. 

Perhaps, as John Zed says it will be a case of Happy Families but somehow i doubt it. 

Stranger things have happened in Sparta though.

Perhaps, if things had worked out differently, Terminators and Lost Souls would now be called, Destiny 2, 3 and 4.

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8 April, 2016, 7:16 AM UTC
Now that the game is over, the mechanics have changed, and capitals are introduced to create some excitement in an already decided outcome. Makes me lose interest in the game, and I want to retire now that it really is over. Not from any fear of LS or the Terminators, but knowing that they have been defeated, and the game has evolved to keep players spending money on a game that has concluded. Would really liked to have witnessed the end war, but no such joy. 
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8 April, 2016, 8:17 AM UTC

LOL Trajan.

Actually, 1/3 of Terminators is all that remains of Destiny. :)

Spike, I think capitals can be seen like some kind of free pantheon that doesn't need to be conquered first to offer boosts to every coalition.

It can certainly help smaller ones to get some advantages, and is probably a good way to practice collective defense before getting ready to get real pantheons and start to build territories to compete in the rankings.

The fact they can be attacked and you have to defend them can also give some additional challenge and occupation to players getting bored, I don't know... There are too many events chaining much too fast to be compatible with a normal life already anyway.

Top ranking coalitions will just add this to they collection and stuff it with a few hundredths of millions of defense like yet another level 5 pantheon, and will just forget about it. Easy stuff for them.

I pity the fool
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8 April, 2016, 9:28 AM UTC
SPIKE said:

Now that the game is over, the mechanics have changed, and capitals are introduced to create some excitement in an already decided outcome. Makes me lose interest in the game, and I want to retire now that it really is over. Not from any fear of LS or the Terminators, but knowing that they have been defeated, and the game has evolved to keep players spending money on a game that has concluded. Would really liked to have witnessed the end war, but no such joy. 
Defeated by who LOL
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