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Thureophoros vs trojan thorakites and Spartan Promachos vs Sarissophoros

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13 March, 2016, 11:31 AM UTC

Which one among the defense and offense you like to build and why, i have signed argos and dion and the dion agreement is taking away tons of resources, i would like to learn the pros and cons of these units and update the worthwhile units for now.

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13 March, 2016, 6:34 PM UTC

I like to build Thureophoros & Spartan Promachos.

Because, Thureophoros is better against Cavalry & Phalanx and Spartan Promochos looks better! 

Have Fun :)
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14 March, 2016, 4:07 PM UTC

Lol just because Promachos looks better

I havent build myrmidons from the time i could build spartan hoplites, I guess it would be the same if i go on researching dion with huge heap of resources and finally not using them.

Any other reason than looks hehehe

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16 March, 2016, 6:30 AM UTC

There are several aspects to consider.

1) Defense : Thurophoroi and Thorakitai have different defense characteristics against different kinds of attackers. Just check their descriptions.

This means a good defense would involve mixing them to get a more extensive defense against most kinds of attackers.

2) Offense : could be selected depending on the expected ennemy defense, taking advantage on the defender's weakness against some kinds of offense.

This is the same reason why you get different results on Persian positions depending on their contents. For instance, all horses have a ridiculously low defense value against infantry offense !

3) Grain consumption : higher kinds of units consume more grain but have a better power to consumption ratio. So a full cavalry army will eat less grain than an army worth the same power, but made out of other kinds of units.

In the end, you'll want to get as much horses and phalanx as possible for PvP and sacrifice infantry to Persians to get more cavalry and phalanx.

4) Cost (in resources) to damage ratio : when playing Persians, you now have two different strategies : either playing as many positons as you can to collect as any partial payouts as you can on the go (my method), or investing as many resources as you can to get the full payout as fast as you can (old method).

Everybody choses what suits them best, but if you're using the old method, you'll want to sacrifice the most expensive units. That's where being able to chose among more or less expensive units helps.

5) Simply what you get : you get 90% of your cavalry and phalanx through playing Persians rather than building them by yourself, and you get only those two kinds after level 40 or so anyway. In addition, you don't chose what you get, so just get them and be done with it.

In the end, since you're getting more and more phalanx and cavalry, and they're the kind offering the best power to consumption ratio, you'll logically want to stack these ones and sacrifice the junk (infantry).

So just pile up cavalry and phalanx, and don't care for the models you get. Just use them all when fighting, period. Why caring ? They come as they are anyway, and you never know before you finish off the Persian position.

I'm not asking questions nor philosophizing about what I can't control. What for anyway ? They're  there, they can fight. All good.

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16 March, 2016, 4:43 PM UTC

Till yesterday i had left doing the positions as i never quite understood the payout method and that you could grow your army, I thought we always had to pay back what we get so where is the profit, i researched today and found some facts.

The spreadsheet felt very boring at first and investing your time in it for a game seemed futile (Now i understood it anyway).

Now i get the idea that i would have to update all the agreements as the reward units are at your luck.


Now  just one question, is the payout bank different for offense and defense positions or do you have to consider both for the real reward

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18 March, 2016, 8:12 AM UTC

The bank has nothing to do with the reward.

It's only the amount you have to pay back before getting another full payout.

The payout value itself is depending only from the level that will deliver it.

Hence the idea to be able to plan approximately when you'll get it, so you don't hit a too low level...
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18 March, 2016, 6:07 PM UTC

one remark here. I'm doing lvl 125 and only lvl 125.So don't come up here with the bank is only depending on the lvl, because I already doing the maximum lvl.   

On the forum there are already topics about the PP's. 

If I follow your explanation, I can do only 2 lvl 125 posittions in 6 months ( these are  the troops that I have to build for it) but I can do 10 positions each day by the game. Any explanation for it ? 

EDIT 1;I speak as hegemon. I have to keep about 100 members in the game. It's me that have to keep them in the game, I doesn't see any community manager or administrator or moderator do it. 

Shall I give you an example of what tasks I have to answer at my members ? 

I get questions from members that are playing 6 months the game but just had lost all their troops at the PP's.  The only answer I can give them most of the time is = "contact gamesupport about i". The answer they get is "please continue , you shall have your pay - out ". Gamesupport doesn't realise at all that these players (my members that I have to keep in the game) doesn't has any troops at all anymore to continue. So I get the message back from my members; " they told me to continue, but I don't have any troops anymore left" "so with what I have to continue ? "   -->" I'm quiting the game, thanks for all your advice and support.   Keep me in touch when you decide to play another game and I join "

these are the messages I have to receive of my members when they quit the game. 

Example 2; yesterday I gained 10.000 + promachos at the PP's. A wow from all my small members of course. Today I lost them all at the PP's. I still doesn't has my big pay- out back.   I even used promachos from my fighting army. How much troops I must actually use at the PP's to gain some ???    I need about 2.000 promachos to finish 1 time a lvl 125 position. 

The intrest at this moment is already more of 20%......

EDIT 2; I need around 2000 promachos to finish 1 time a lvl 125 position, I did 20 of them in 2 days. And I gained the maximum reward of offence troops equal for 180 promachos  for the 'big position quest '.   You ever realise what it means ? You gain as maximum reward only 10% of what you need to do 1 lvl 125 position, but you had to finish 20 of them to gain that amount :S

Please continue of course from gamesupport, you shall have your pay- out if you continue.   "With what ??? " that's most of the time my members question and also my question. 

I already told from the start of the game; these PP's are simply overpowered, and there is no way to be able to keep players in the game. 

The coiners (the ones that revives their amry's all the time) doesn't see any problems. Until they realise they only have 55% of their gained army of what they have invested at the PP's, then you see them with their own thread at this forum about it. 

We all now that the gamedeveloppers doesn't play the game themselves, like me and others already mentioned on the forum. 

Let these 2 new community managers answer what I as hegemon from a 100 member coalition has to do in such a situation. ;-)

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20 March, 2016, 12:41 PM UTC

The problems with level 125 are multiple :

- You usually have to pay back the bank before getting a new full payout, and this full payout, plus all the partials on the way, are your next bank to pay back.

... Meaning you can barely get more than you lost.

- Since there's nothing above 125, this means you can't count on hitting a higher level to get more troops than previously...

I really don't know how people could earn more before the change, but they apparently had a trick, and still apparently, it doesn't work anymore.

Anyway, since building troops is something to do anyway and you can use your 4 queues at the same time, then building junk to feed to Persians is always an option, whatever the figures, and even if you have to complete with other kinds of troops..

There's barely any other solution anyway.

I pity the fool
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