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More Courses At The Academy

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More Courses At The Academy

More Courses At The Academy
Dramatically Reduce Grain Consumption Of Your Units!


You can now reduce the Grain Consumption of individual Units at the Academy. Courses to do this can be found by navigating to a new tab within the Academy - the “Grain Consumption Courses” tab.

To unlock this tab, the “Grain Consumption” Course (which reduces Grain Consumption for all your Units) must be at Level 10 or higher. This Course is now located within the “Core Courses” tab at the Academy alongside all the Courses you already know.

The Bonus provided by the “Grain Consumption” Course will be added to any Bonuses you unlock by applying Scrolls of Wisdom to the Courses in the “Grain Consumption Courses” tab.

Head to the Academy now to see everything that’s new!

Basileus Leonidas

Dec 21, 2021, 10:5412/21/21