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Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2019

Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2019

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Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2019

Greetings, Spartans!

After a short break, we're back with Monthly Developers' Feedback. Below you'll find our devs' feedback for July.

1. Add Guardians to Coalition attacks (for all members).

We think that it's a good suggestion and we'll consider it. But it will require a lot of resources, so it's difficult to say how long it takes to implement it.

2. Tag the Coalition that took the first place in each Tier in the Coalition Conflict Tournament for everyone to see, who performed best in the recent Tournament.

Our team is going to implement a special skin for the winning Coalition in each Tier.

3. Provide more sales on Fortifications for Elysian City.

That's a good idea, and we're up to it! Check out our in-game news!

4. Implement the button "Claim All Rewards" for Divine Quests.

We'd love to make your life easier and implement it. And we will!

5. Get different Guardians in the events with a guaranteed chance to get them.

We do plan to launch events on different types of Guardians. Stay tuned!

6. Implement another training queue to train units faster.

This has already been implemented in some of our games, so something interesting is waiting for you, too!

7. Increase capacity of the Elysian City Warehouses.

We do agree that it's needed, and we've already got some ideas on how we can achieve it.

8. Give an opportunity to the Coalition Leader to let other Coalition Members kick people out of the Coalition or take this right back if needed.

There is no need to implement something new here. Firstly, only Polemarsh can kick people out of the Coalition. Therefore, only most trusted Members should hold this Rank. Besides, the Coalition Leader can also demote Polemarsh. After that such Members won't be able to kick anyone out of the Coalition. 

We would like to thank all of you for your suggestions. Don't stop and hurry up to submit your suggestion to see it in the Monthly Developers' Feedback for August!

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