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7 December, 2018, 9:55 AM UTC

Hello, Archons!

I want to explain what this topic is about and what Rules we will have here (next month I will create a separate Thread for it to have it managed easily).

While working on the Forum (and while analyzing your survey on Community), I noticed you lack feedback from devs regarding the main concerns you post on Forum.

Each Monday I send to devs the list of the most discussed topics in the Community for the previous week. Devs check them and give the replies.

I decided to share them with you. But I will do it every month, not every week.

As for the Rules:

1. I will try to make such posts till the 10th of each month. It will be the feedback for the previous month.

2. You can discuss the feedback I post, but please note all off-topic will be removed. If you have any other feedback, you still will need to post it in the Game discussion. In this Thread, we will discuss only the questions I posted.

3. When I post the feedback for the new month, the topic with the discussion of the previous one will be closed to avoid spamming comments.

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