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The Cult of Ares. Dev Notes

The Cult of Ares. Dev Notes

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The Cult of Ares. Dev Notes

Archons, the Cult of Ares has arisen in Hellas. They seek lost knowledge stored in ancient Tablets. Decipher these Tablets to retrieve knowledge hidden away in Puzzle Pieces. Complete Puzzles, and receive Units from the Cult of Ares. The first time you complete a Unit’s Puzzle, it will also gain a permanent +10% Bonus to Offense and Defense!

This guide will take you through the key mechanics and show you how this feature can benefit your strategy. Don't forget to share this information with your friends and fellow Coalition members!


Each Puzzle consists of 25 unique Pieces, and corresponds to a certain Unit. The goal is to collect all Pieces of a Puzzle - complete this goal and 1000 of the Units shown in the Puzzle will join you from the Cult. That Unit type will also be granted a one-time permanent Bonus of +10% to Offense and Defense.

Some Puzzles demand knowledge that is harder to find, as those Units require lost secrets to increase their power and rally their numbers. The Puzzles and their Pieces have rarities based on the knowledge they contain:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


Each Tablet contains one Puzzle Piece, and they must be deciphered to extract the Reward. You can get Tablets from all manner of places, including Events, Tournaments, Quests, and Special Offers.

There are three types of Tablets, which grant Puzzle Pieces of increasing rarity:

Lost Tablets

  • Common Piece: 53% chance
  • Uncommon Piece: 45% chance
  • Rare Piece: 2% chance

Hidden Tablets

  • Rare Piece: 70% chance
  • Epic Piece: 30% chance

Secret Tablets

  • Epic Piece: 75% chance
  • Legendary Piece: 25% chance

Of the 25 Pieces needed to complete the Puzzle, the Piece you receive will be random. Duplicate Puzzle Pieces grant a small but immediate reward of 10 of the Units matching the Puzzle.


The feature is available to Archons that are Level 50 or higher. Archons below Level 50 can still receive Tablets as Rewards, but can only decipher them after reaching Level 50 and making contact with the Cult of Ares.


From a Complete Puzzle

When you complete a Puzzle for the first time, you receive:

  • +10% Permanent Bonus to Offense and Defense of Units corresponding to the Puzzle. All Units with this Bonus will have a Puzzle mark in Battle Reports.
  • 1000 Units corresponding to the Puzzle

Every time you complete the Puzzle after the first, you receive:

  • 1000 Units corresponding to the Puzzle.

For Duplicate Pieces

There are 25 Pieces in every Puzzle. Receiving a Puzzle Piece you’ve already got will not get you any progress towards completing the Puzzle, but it will grant you 10 of the Puzzle’s Units immediately as a Reward.

If you have any comments or questions, let us know. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions that come from you. 

Good luck, and may you find glory!