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Persian Pantheon Invasion Dev. Notes

Persian Pantheon Invasion Dev. Notes

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Persian Pantheon Invasion Dev. Notes

Our spies reveal Xerxes' newest initiative, aimed at terrorizing the lands of the Hellenes. We call it — the Persian Pantheon Invasion!

Persian Pantheon Invasion is a time-limited Event that takes place once a month. While it is on, participating Coalitions must defend their Pantheons against Attack Waves from Persian forces in exchange for spectacular Rewards.

A Coalition can participate if its Coalition Hegemon or a Polemarch authorize it to do so, and only if it controls at least one Pantheon.

Should you and your Coalition wish to take on the Persian forces, you must stay vigilant, for a banner announcing the Event will appear in the "Special Events" tab of the Events window three days before it begins!

🌟 Defending Pantheons

While the Event is on, Xerxes' Persian forces will launch five Attack Waves upon the Pantheons of participating Coalitions.

Each Wave will be launched randomly during a four-hour Attack Window, with the first Attack Window opening the moment the Event begins.

Attack Windows are separated by four-hour cooldown periods. During cooldown periods, Persian forces will not attack the Pantheons of participating Coalitions.

If a Coalition controls multiple Pantheons, Persian forces will attack them one-by-one in random order during Attack Waves. Each battle at a Pantheon will generate a Battle Report which will be dispatched to the Warfare tab.

🌟 Repelling Attack Waves

To successfully repel an Attack Wave, a Coalition must win at least 75% of the battles that take place during that Wave. For example, if a Coalition controls four Pantheons, it must successfully defend at least three of them against Persian forces.

If a Coalition fails to repel two Attack Waves in a row, it will no longer be able to participate in the Event. Participation in the Event will also end if a Coalition no longer controls at least one Pantheon.

You can see both how many Pantheons your Coalition has successfully defended and how many were attacked by Persian forces in the “Pantheons Defended” column of the Event window. The “Pantheons Controlled” column shows you how many Pantheons are held by your Coalition.

Note that these columns refresh every time you open the Event window and that, if your Coalition captures a Pantheon during an Attack Wave, attacks against it by Persian forces will take place in subsequent Waves.

If a Coalition loses a battle at a Pantheon to Persians during the Event, this cannot result in the Pantheon being captured or its Level downgraded. If, following a battle, no Units of any Coalition Members remain at the Pantheon, it will remain under the Coalition's control. Be sure to send Reinforcements so it is not captured by a rival Coalition!

Note that while the Event is on, Pantheons held by participating Coalitions will only be attacked in line with the rules of the Event and will not be subject to any other attacks from Persian forces.

🌟 Rewards

Coalitions will earn Orichalcum after each battle that takes place at one of its Pantheons. The amount of Orichalcum earned will be shown in Battle Reports.

Coalition Members will also earn Coalition Gold when an Attack Wave is repelled. Successfully defend all your Coalition’s Pantheons during each Attack Wave to maximize each Member’s bounty of Coalition Gold, but bear in mind that if a Coalition fails to repel an Attack Wave, no Coalition Gold will be earned for that Wave.

To be eligible to claim Coalition Gold, you must be a fully-fledged Coalition Member, and your Units must have defended at least one of your Coalition’s Pantheon from Persian forces during the Event. You must also not leave your Coalition before the Event ends.

All Coalition Members who meet these requirements will receive the same amount of Coalition Gold as a Reward. Coalition Gold may be spent in the Coalition Shop, which can be found by hovering over the Coalitions icon on the main game screen.

A threat to all Greeks is coming to your Coalition’s Pantheons – tell your fellow Members to enter the fight, and come back with their shields... or on them!

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Thank you, a lot of questions answered. 

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