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Coalition Conflict. Tutorial

Coalition Conflict. Tutorial

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Coalition Conflict. Tutorial

Archons, a special new Coalition Tournament is upon us - the Coalition Conflict.

Band together with your Coalition Members to come out on top!

Tournament Overview

The Coalition Conflict is a time-limited Tournament that lasts for 2 days. During this Tournament, your Coalition will be matched with an Opponent Coalition to compete with. Both Coalitions must complete a variety of Tournament Tasks to earn Tournament Points. The Coalition which earns more Points will be declared the winner.

Two days before the Tournament commences, Coalition Members will be able to see the Teaser in the Events window. You can see your Opponent Coalition here and do your research to craft a winning strategy.

Tournament Mechanics

To participate in this Tournament, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your Coalition must have more than 5 000 000 Power Points (Your Coalition Hegemon and authorized Coalition Members can check it in the Coalition Statistics tab)
  • Your Coalition should have been created more than 30 days ago
  • Your Coalition should not be in the process of being dismissed
  • You must be a member of a Coalition for more than 7 days
  • Your Coalition must be matched with an Opponent

Tournament Tasks

Your Coalition must complete Tournament Tasks to earn Tournament Points. The Tasks can be viewed in the "Info" tab of the Teaser found in the Event window. There is a huge number of Tasks so all active Coalition Members can earn Tournament Points easily. The types of Tasks are:

PvP Battles. Earn Points for Units and Traps destroyed at various locations.  
Note: ONLY Units belonging to your Opponent Coalition will earn you Points.  

Positions And Pantheons. Amass Points by:

  • - Clearing Positions and Elysian Positions
  • - Completing Missions and Elysian Missions
  • - Destroying Xerxes' Units at Pantheons

City. Accumulate Points by:

  • - Constructing and upgrading Buildings
  • - Signing and updating Agreements and Elysian Agreements
  • - Discovering and developing Phylarch Skills
  • - Studying Courses at the Academy
  • - Activating Phylarch Bonuses

Resources. Earn Points by:

  • - Applying Timber, Bronze, Grain, Moonstone, and Denarii Resource Packs
  • - Raiding Resources

 Emporia. Caim points by collecting Resources from Emporia.

Unit Collection. Rack up Points by acquiring any type of Unit: Regular Units, Champion Units, Assassins, Traps, and Elysian Units. You will get Points for:

  • - Training Units
  • - Getting Units through Special Offers
  • - Purchasing Units at the Market
  • - Earning Units as Rewards from Persian Positions

Unit Revival. Gain Points for reviving Units at the Market or the Infirmary.

Unit Rank Upgrade. Earn Points for upgrading Unit Ranks.

Guardian Battles. Seize Points by defeating Warlords.

Guardians. Gather Points by:

  • - Summoning Guardians
  • - Applying Skill Stones
  • - Increasing the Rank and Level of your Guardians
  • - Enlightening Guardians

Divine Quests. Collect Points by completing Individual, Coalition, and Dominion Divine Quests.

Chronos Quests. Receive Points for completing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Chronos Quests.

General Equipment. Obtain Points by:

  • - Opening General's Equipment Coffers
  • - Breaking General's Equipment
  • - Upgrading General's Equipment

The more Tournament Points you earn, the more valuable will be your Rewards.

Opponent Coalition Selection

1. For the first Tournament, Coalitions will be divided into Tiers based on their Power Points to make it competitive and fair. In subsequent Tournaments, every Coalition will be placed in a Tier based on the Tournament Points earned in the previous Coalition Conflict. Coalitions are matched with others in the same Tier. Higher Tiers yield greater Rewards.

2. Coalitions are paired based on the following factors:

  • They are not from the same Union
  • They have not been matched with each other in the last 5 Coalition Conflicts

Note: Sometimes there may be no other option but to pair Opponents from the same Union. Further, in the Stone Tier, there is a chance that a Coalition will not be assigned an Opponent and will not be able to participate in the Tournament.


The Coalition Conflict Tournament has a new Ranking category - Tier Rankings.

Each Tier has its own Ranking. Coalitions that reach the Top 10 of their Tier will receive special Rewards. The higher the Tier, the better will be the Reward.


There are three types of Rewards in this Tournament. Each Coalition Member can earn one or more of the following Rewards:

  • Reward for Completing Stages in your Tier. If your Coalition completes a Stage, you can claim a Reward immediately.
  • Reward for Winning. If your Coalition earns more Tournament Points than your Opponent Coalition, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes.
  • Reward for Ranking in the Top 10 of your Tier. If your Coalition earns enough Tournament Points to be ranked among the TOP 10 Coalitions in your Tier, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes.

Note: To claim Rewards, Coalition Members must earn at least 2,000 Tournament Points.

Now, synchronize with your Coalition and show your nobility!

Oct 16, 2019, 06:4410/16/19
I like the concept but I firmly believe this should be fortnightly or monthly because it does take a commitment to do well and greta for a rainy weekend but every week is a big ask! Please consider
Oct 16, 2019, 11:2010/16/19
Quiny said:

I like the concept but I firmly believe this should be fortnightly or monthly because it does take a commitment to do well and greta for a rainy weekend but every week is a big ask! Please consider
Thanks for your feedback, Quiny. I'll forward it to the dev team for further consideration.