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Сhanges you would like to see in the game

Сhanges you would like to see in the game

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May 27, 2019, 14:3205/27/19

Сhanges you would like to see in the game

Greetings, Archons!

We firmly believe that developing a good war strategy game needs a thorough plan and, of course, an open discussion with our players. Currently, we’re finalizing internal development plans for our strategy games. And we would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on which direction we should take to make the game as fun for you as possible. 

Tell us what changes you would like to see in Sparta: War of Empires. in the comment section under this post. With your feedback in mind, we’ll identify the key focus points for the long term development plan.

Help us to make the game even better!
May 27, 2019, 15:5705/27/19

Hello everybody. As I have already mentioned through emails sent to the Plarium staff and through messages to the VIP contact person, the game has become too expensive and complex and has also turned into a real job. As you can see two negative results have been obtained: there are no new players and the old ones (including those who spent change game and platform). personally I would like to continue playing in sparta, but in my opinion the Plarium should urgently reverse this trend.

May 27, 2019, 15:5905/27/19

You have made so many changes to the game, that negates earlier strategies adopted, negating their benefit, that changes are NOT what is needed.

A fixed and never changing ruleset and capabilities must be adopted so that the strategies that take a long time to implement aren't negated with a new change every six weeks.

Leave the capabilities alone, remove the greek assassin, and fix anything when it breaks, that is all we need.
May 27, 2019, 16:0205/27/19

tdevelop  some tournament with system of rewarding growing with the score reached and not only growing with ranking tournament position reached. This will be a better push to score during tournament.

May 27, 2019, 16:1205/27/19

Game has become a super expensive to play.

new player will quit in his early stages when he realise it will cost him huge just to get to a decent level of development.

game has become too money hungry a way more than it was few years ago when i started.....

now practically new players income is cut due to overprised sketches/towers/boosts etc....

in conclussion . plarium should reconsider in game costs of some the mentioned features above and make possible to a new player with a free play to get some moderate development before he get upset and leave...

May 27, 2019, 16:4805/27/19

1) Have a "Don't show this again" option for pop-ups, seriously, 2+ years in game and still seeing the same newbie popups

2) Cut out the ads popping up constantly. We get it, you need to make money, but when you have a raid incoming and suddenly getting a "Hey, you haven't paid us money today" ad is worse than crass.

3) Make it easier to do routine tasks without - click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click. See 6 below, as an example.

4) Have a "Close all" option when inside the navigation, so you don't have to close one window, to close another (or another)

5) Allow default to "all" or "none/one" for any resource. So if you are going to hit the 30,000 bronze, you can pre-select "Use All" - for example.

6) Set a default raid composition. If going to raid, allow user to set to "60 Scythians" or whatever so not having to dig through the navigations to find the Scythians, set to 60, then send raid. 

May 27, 2019, 17:2605/27/19
May 27, 2019, 20:00(edited)
I understand Plarium has the problem of how to make the game fun,retaining players and remain profitable. I think the game has become to cumbersome and time consuming which has made the game less fun and less entertaining. There is way too many new features being added that take away the fun playing the game. I would advise a major streamline to make the game much more simpler, e.g. 1) Increase every unit speed to reduce waiting times. 2) Make it much more easier to level up Guardians or drop it entirely 3) Make all units have both offensive and defensive abilities like the Elysian units 4) Increase the rewards These are just some of my ideas. The game complexities are fine and it makes it more interesting and challenging, but the game needs to work much  faster and work a lot more simpler to be fun and keep attracting players. Who wants to spend repetitious hours doing PP, Quests  and Guardians  as tedious examples
May 27, 2019, 18:1105/27/19
I would like to see a few of ther things that your game Stormfall has implemented into Sparta  first would be a Guardian Hunter  which is called the Champion Hunter in Stormfall. It takes entirely way too long and too much clicking to up grade guardians. The second item i would like to see implemented into Sparta that Stormfall has is the Plarium Pass   
May 27, 2019, 18:2305/27/19
Get rid of greek assassins. The very basic guardians should not take as long to level up as the very best ones For the love up god give us 2 emissaries by default. 1 for each city. Just 1 for both doesnt cut it. Any and all changes going forward should not have to cost us extra. You all get enough from us.
May 27, 2019, 18:5005/27/19
May 27, 2019, 18:52(edited)

Can you return to the situation that the game had 3 years ago?

If you can get rid of so much useless stuff (elysea city, the traps, some troops that are "very pretty", ...) and we managed to fix so much bug the game would be nice and playable for both the investor and for which he only invests time

Se puede regresar a la situacion que tenia el juego hace 3 años ?

Si se puede conseguir eliminar tanta cosa inutil ( ciudad elysea, las trampas, algunas tropas que son "muy bonitas", ....... ) y conseguimos arreglar tanto bug el juego seria bonito y jugable tanto para el que invierte dinero como para el que solo invierte tiempo

May 27, 2019, 19:4305/27/19
Just not interested in all the new stuff.  Not about to try and do much with Ellysian city except basics with their units.  I like people in league I am with otherwise would likely drop.
May 27, 2019, 20:2505/27/19
Biggest impact you can make on the game is to introduce a mobile version that can interact with the game.  Having to always be at my computer to play greatly reduces play time.
May 27, 2019, 21:1805/27/19

I would like to have an easier way to report bugs that appear. At this time, I have a frustrating time trying to report things. It needs to be easier. I wish that you could either make an easy way to send javelineers to our entire coalition, or have a symbol appear on our friends avatar to show that we have a jav there already. How about adding new buildings (not a lot, one at a time), making chat easier and better, removing players who consistently send offensive messages (they can get one or two warnings before hand), new gladiator (two now that we "fight"). I'm not a big fan of the guardians and static new items like those. More advantages for us players who are not rich and began playing the game hoping not to have to give up eating to be able to have a decent army. Most of the Persian Position players say that they don't pay out well anymore. Some have quit the game after playing for years! The rewards for the tournaments don't come close to making up for the loss of troops, so only valuable to the ego-driven, well-off players.

Too much greed on Plarium's part will kill off this game! Many players getting tired of the shameless pitch to spend, spend, spend. This is supposed to be a strategy game, so let's think about additions that require strategy.

I like the traps if we are going to have Greek Assassins, How about limiting the number of Assassins that can be used in say, a week or a month?

The social part of the game is the most important part to me, as the game itself seems stagnant and any improvements are not exciting and too slanted towards those with a lot of money to spend. We have enough of that in life, we don't need it in a game too.

I do seem to have to refresh often (I hear many say that they have log in problems.) I would say that is important to work on.
May 27, 2019, 21:4605/27/19
Fully agree with the fact that there are too many topics to be followed in the cities ( Elysean city, Gardians, positions, tourneys events ). All those things are time consuming and if you have a city on the three servers it becomes impossible to be at the top all time and expensive to repair the damages made by raiders so my advise will be : Simplefy the game and cancelled certain topics.
May 27, 2019, 22:3805/27/19

raids to inactive cities for resources to be cut to max 2 mins, lots of hours of timewaste/timesink here. To compensate for this introduce attack only option on active/avatar cities (none resource attack), (like at emporia) and these will be the normal timings that we have already in the game to allow players to defend. Cut down on the boosts and speed up upgrades of everything.Also the travel boosts, Players have raided your city with a glut of these travel boosts, before you have even time to prepare defense, resulting in you dont get time to get your defense/enhansers out to do proper battle and defend so you just recall everything as its quicker and safer and the most cost effective. 

To encourage new players, how about a 100% defense on your city and troops that decreases as your level rises, say you get to 40 it goes down by 10% and then work on parameters from there etc, at least they will be enticed into game on equal standing that will be able to stand up to the big guys until they fully mature as players.

I agree with several others here with the assassins limit the use of them per week or perhaps how many a city can receive in a week, etc, lets have some proper warfare, instead of all this snidey hit with pa and then runaway. Earns you revenue for sure, but loses revenue  it in the fact that players dont defend their cities for fear of mass coa attacks on your defense at your city.

We need auto commands wherever they can be introduced, to speed up game, and I would say cut out the brown messages corner, which seems to the main reason for the lag and hang in the game in my opinion.
May 27, 2019, 23:2405/27/19

Surely we are all in agreement that the best of the game is the people that we know within the coa ..... for that reason my proposal is to remove the limits of exchange between members of the same coa. also remove the limitations of distance in the reinforcements to villas or the possibility of throwing a trident to a city.

Another thing that I will never understand is the limitations that are put on PVP tournaments, because from a number of points the rewards are so scarce, comparing them with the points that cost ..... it is not better for the game, more rewards

May 28, 2019, 00:3705/28/19

make the app scaleable.  it is incredibly tedious to have to scroll up the screen to close a pop up (guardians, reports, galleys, troop training), or scroll down every step to hit the select or execute button which is usually at the bottom of the screen.  

i can only see the top OR the bottom of the pop ups. and usually it is the top when the pop up opens.  then i have to go to the side of the page to scroll down and choose the select function, then i have to go to the side of the screen to scroll up and have access to the "X" to close the pop up.

scale it so i can see the "apply" and "X" at the same time. 

other than this i agree with many of the comments. too complex and time consuming to barely implement all the new bells and whistles. i don't have time to play elysian positions and regular positions and guardians and raid and send out javs to friends and recover sieges plus whatever the coa mission and individual mission and concurrent tournaments every day. Just too much detail.  I don't have 6 hours a day to play a "free" game (which I occasionally spend money on) just to have enough of everything to feel like i have a fair shot at holding my own.

but really, change the scale in the app or make it scaleable from my computer.  the browser version can be scaled, and i prefer the browser because of this. 

May 28, 2019, 02:1905/28/19

Personally I believe you should reduce the cost of many items in the shop. The prices are just way to high on certain items. 

My main issue with the game is the emporia mechanics, they in theory should balance the game for users who cannot afford to spend too much, but in reality they are just killing fields for troops. What about introducing a timed period where the player can gather without being attacked? 

I like the guardians but to make the highest guardians only available to people who spend money is wrong in my opinion. Players should be rewarded for their dedication to the game and community not the size of their credit card!

The more you'll make your games unbalanced between spenders and non spenders the more you'll kill the interest in it, plus your going completely against the trend, "league of legend", "dota" etc.. Those games are entirely free to play if you spend money it's only for things which do not affect gameplay and the user base spend a lot to get the latest costumes for their hero etc. But what do they know with only 35 millions of monthly unique users!

Here's a classic example of what is wrong with your game:

 New player spend two weeks on your game reach level 40, pretty much minding his own business happy to growth his little city, one day he or her decide to raid a siege of a big player, O dear now a level 98 his coming to pay him a visit "coz don't touch my farm boy" result new player naively put his defence out only to be wiped out by 50 millions worth of offence. Guess what new player dump the game. Why? Because he quickly realise the game is unfair, any decent online competitive game has a ranking system so big players cannot come near newbies. What you did with your game balance is letting Garry Kasparov with an unlimited credit card play chess vs Bob our newbie who has a budget of $10 a week for his online gaming!

You seem to be more focused in creating new skins for your games than fixing the mechanics of it. What I mean is Vikings, fantasy, Sparta etc... it's just the same game over and over, just new gfx, what's next dinosaurs!! 

Ok enough renting after all you wanted some suggestions, here's a few.

1. in game bug reporting system with screenshot.

2. Building skins and troops uniforms colours, troop flags something so the player can make their troops and city unique and have fun doing it everything just cosmetic no stats change, décor for the city which cost nothing and does nothing just purely to make it pretty and fun so we don't all have the same sad city with the same crap in it!

3. Big raid warning in the middle of your screen with sound alert. So when your doing something in another part of the game you don't get annoyed to not be able to defend your city even if your sitting in front of your pc for the last 3 hours coz you missed the tiny little icon that you couldn't see!!

4. Easy troops management, let the player decide in which order they display, I mean infantry at the bottom come on guys we use the jav the most!

5. Change the limits on coalition cooperation what's the point of sending 50k of grain to another player which is level 100 barely a snack for him. The limits should be a percentage of what they can hold or produce daily. Something which make sense.

6. Change the rewards in "Spartan Allegiance" those are outdated and insulting to any players who log in daily. example "day2" 2 hoplite "day32" 2 hoplite!! lol come on did Mr scrooge did it for you.

7. Give players random rewards for nothing many other games do that especially if they have left the game for a while. "bring those addicts back"

8. Fix Leonidas city it look just like any other average player city and he's supposed to be a bad ass!

9. Give us a building who produce drachmas not much very slow but at least after a week we can buy our self something in the market and feel good about our self.

10. Make the unique units only available in paying money available to all to produce.

11. Give us fleet so we can sink each other galleys or steal their transfer of resources or something like that, balanced it make it fun, I WANT A BATTLESHIP!! I'm kidding.

12. Overall make your games more fun instead of consistently focusing on how can we make them spend money. If your games are well balanced and fun to play users will be more willing to spend. At present you look like a money obsess company who doesn't care much for it's customer base and with a weird logic. example every 2 weeks you give us 75% revival but what do you do, you cut down the package we can buy on that day. It's just dumb you should have loads of offer on that day so we can all kill each other spend some money do it again and again should be ww3 out there on 75% revival day!!!

13. If you use any of my ideas "I WANT TO BE PAID IN GRAIN!!!!" 

I hope there is something you can use in all my verbal diarrhoea, if not never mind.

May 28, 2019, 02:4305/28/19
i would like to be able to extend my 8hr full city def to 16 hr or 24 hr, OR be able to purchase a 24 hr full def even tho I already have a number of 8hr 
May 28, 2019, 02:5305/28/19

I started playing Sparta: War of Empires because I was looking for a strategy game that involved actual people as opponents, and I was looking for a long, on-going game.  I like the genre as well, so it fit the bill.  The bill... it's unfortunate. I don't mind spending some money, as I am getting a certain amount of fun out of a rare type of game.  Be aware that there are other types of games I enjoy as well, which so far I could have bought 22 times over for the amount I have spent on this game.  The guilt of what I've spent discourages me from recommending it to my friends, and pressures me to put a tighter budget on it.  It has been said by new players I've known "he who has the most money wins."  It feels bad to hear, but, I feel that in order for this game to work long term, and draw a larger audience, it has to fix the reason for someone to say such a thing.

The paradox of wanting to win, but also wanting the game to keep going is interesting.  One has to accept in such circumstances that the best one could hope for are great plays.  For the losing side, these result in a loss of forces, a loss of an important strategic position, which would be difficult to reobtain, and/or a loss of resources.  I personally derive my enjoyment from working hard to make great plays, and then succeeding or failing, but learning something in failing which will help me for future strategies.  The greedy part of me wants to be unstoppable, to have all tech, and the most coveted positions.  Allowing one to reach such a state has led us to this point however, for the richer among us players.  I would rather have a world ranking in strategy.  Out of everyone on the server, or all servers for this game, I want my name at the top the most times in a given period or season, but I also want to earn it, not pay straight up for it.  I may have more thoughts later, but the I believe the core of what I want is here.
May 28, 2019, 18:1405/28/19

hello there;

my personal coment is why give more power to the players of great level, before they could be attacked even with assasins (PA), but now with the new cities and traps it is impossible to even touch them. That takes away interest in the game because only high levels can play to your liking and others just watch them do whatever they want. You believe, for example, that new players are interested in seeing how they destroy them without being able to do anything about it; not even the chance to get revenge have. Hopefully you did something about it, if not remove those advantages, at least high levels could not attack the low levels (example the levels of 100 up only among them to say something). thanks for your attention.