IS a cheater beseiging me?

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11 April, 2019, 12:40 AM UTC
can someone explain to me , how I , a level 86 with level 4 and 5 def, walls .. traps and upgraded def units  . .. .    fails to do ANY DAMAGE what so ever to a level 86 ..  ( no walls destroyed , no traps working as a level 86 named Steffen .. can besiege  without losing any units ???  and when I boost my def. units before returning everything I have , over 18,000 mixed ,, from light all the way up to champion units ,, once again,, no effect .. when my COA  members and allies send reinforcements , they lose everything they have .. some up to over 15,000 mixed units why only doing less then 500 total damage to heavy units down ...  
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11 April, 2019, 6:36 AM UTC

Hi can you put a screenshot of that or those attacks? I know of trap cities, abandoned cities where a lot of people get defense and scouts looking for points (but a lot of defense)

Hola puedes poner una captura de ese o esos ataques ? se de ciudades trampa, ciudades abandonadas donde mucha gente mete defensa y esploradores buscando puntos ( pero mucha defensa )

siempre pensando
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