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2 April, 2019, 7:09 AM UTC

Alright, so my coalition won the coalition clash tournament last month and we got the schema as a reward. 

Seemed like a cool prize and I believe we all put quite a bit more effort into winning it thinking it was going to be.... I dunno.... PERMANENT!!!

Other than that a 6k Drach reward was garbage compared to what was put into scoring all those points.

Initially, I thought that each winning Coal for each tournament was going to get a CUSTOM capital skin which would have been really nice. 

However, what we got turned out to be the cookie cutter purple thing that winner of the first clash was rewarded. 

And now it's gone.... after like 4 weeks.

So what is the motivation to keep dumping massive amounts of resources into winning these tournaments consistently? Maintaining a skin for our capital that offers nothing but a cosmetic change to how we appear on the map...

Instead, you all could have made the skin reward permanent, and change to something different / progressively better for each additional tournament won. Perhaps there could have even been some bonus associated with capital defense or some other buff rewarded for gaining higher level capital schema's.

The coalition clash series of tournaments could have been something really great for the game and fun for the community. Unfortunately the complete and utter failure to create a need for a meaningful reward in your customers minds managed to eluded this company.

So anyway, I'm rarely negative on here, but that particular bit of utter nonsense from the developers really irritated me in a way this game hasn't managed to do in a while.

I don't expect anything to change, and honestly I don't even want to hear a reply from anyone in relation to this from anyone representing the company. 

Whatever you guys could possibly say in response I guarantee I would consider to be insulting or patronizing at best.

/end rant

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2 April, 2019, 10:55 AM UTC

Hello, Paroxysm. The unique Coalition Capital skin is given as a reward to any Coalition only until the next Coalition Clash tournament. It's a game feature.

We wanted to make this tournament as much entertaining as possible. If every team got this skin on a permanent basis it wouldn't be interesting to compete again. It's like the Champion Belt in Boxing. You need to confirm your championship title again and again.

I wish luck to you and your team in the next such event. 

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