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S P E E D of troops bonuses ???

S P E E D of troops bonuses ???

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Feb 12, 2023, 09:1002/12/23

S P E E D of troops bonuses ???

Can some explain what is the point of ...

i) When a Coalition Conflict has started we get a several gloabal events including 'unit movement speed' 200% faster

ii) When selecting in the Amphitheater 'unit speed' skill inprovement (mine is 50%) 

With these set - and off we go to attack Persian positions the game trudges along at a full 1 minute to attack and a full 1 minute to return - NO IMPROVEMENT WHAT SO EVER!

This been the case for months (if not longer)  - it's just today I decided to raise it as I can't be bothered to take part if these hard fought for improvements offer nothing.

What is the explation for this??

Feb 14, 2023, 13:0002/14/23

Hello Sanutua. Yes, it takes 1 minute to attack any Persina Position. This was changed a long time ago, as at the beginning of the game, we needed way more time to attack or defend a position, let's say even 3 minutes if the position was a lot of miles away. Luckily, Plarium saw our struggle, and they minimized the time needed to reach a position to 1 minute. Unfortunately, no speed bonuses are applied to our  Units that are on the way to defending or attacking positions, but the premium Warriors pass. With this  Persian position path, we need 30 sec to reach any Persian Position, and 30 seconds till our units will return home.  if we will reach the specific reward. As a player speaking, frankly, I do like the 1 minute time to reach the positions as I have time to fix any human error I might do.