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2 July, 2016, 6:16 PM UTC

Hi there

First of all i would like to say that i like playing this game and have been enjoying it for over 2 years. Lately thanks to the new changes to the ZHG, i was a little annoyed and i am not the only one when i look at the forum. So like everyone, i was checking the forums for information about the new system but my mission was unsuccesfull. I found out a few possible things on how to play the new ZHG but almost everything i found was contradicted by another member of the plarium staff.

So my idea was to make a section on the forum about the ZHG called "ZHG, what we know so far" so players can share their experiences and findings about the new ZHG system.

This section would be purely informative so there is no place for whining or opinions about the system, it is a way to understand the new system and to let everyone in on how it works. This could be the new ZHG manual from and for the players.

If it is possible, i would like to be included in this forum thread so i can kick it off in the right direction.

It would look something like this:

- Everyone would be able to send their feedback

- The first page would contain the conclusions e.g. "you get a new reward when you pay 8-12% above your bank" would be a conclusion. This would later be the list that has become the manual on how to do the ZHD sites.

- Whining, negative attitude or anything unrelated would be deleted

- New players would have some guidelines provided by experiences players. (This is what moderators say on the forums so in my book this would be a win-win)

- The players who have only high level sites will also have some directions so they dont lose all their troops experimenting with milions of troops.

I hope to help you guys and my fellow players and i am looking forward to your response.

Grtz jeankeuh

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3 July, 2016, 7:33 PM UTC

here is what I do use only soldiers and sappers for ZHG Missions might take a hell off a longer time but you don't lose either too many big units Thunderheads are the best offence to use to pay back the bank fast and firedrakes for Defence if you want to pay the bank back in a fast way... for me I use soldiers and sappers

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26 July, 2016, 2:26 PM UTC
It's a great idea and I totally support it. But I think it should be a thread in Game Tutorials section made by players for players. If you need any help or advice on this matter, just write John Black in PM. He will either pass it to me or help you directly.
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