New rules for the next PvE tournament

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28 July, 2015, 9:10 PM UTC


In the next PvE tournament, the Syndicate will be changing the Tournament Point calculation mechanics. Now instead of gaining of Tournament Points only for successfully clearing S&D missions, you'll get Tournament Points for taking out ZHG troops even when you fail to neutralize the Location.

Major points of the coming changes:

1. The total number of Tournament Points received from S&D Missions remains the same. Only their distribution mechanics have been altered. You will receive Tournament Points regardless of whether the Location was cleared – they are now issued per troop eliminated, rather than per Location cleared. Was it really frustrating when you worked away at your last S&D Mission but didn’t manage to clear it until after the end of PvE Tournament? Now you will get the Tournament points you deserve for your efforts in cases like that.

2. The update in question will only affect Location Annihilation Tournament Point calculation mechanics. Rewards for S&D Missions and rewards for the PvE Tournament remain the same.

If you left some S&D Missions nearly defeated in order to finally clear them during the PvE Tournament, it is recommended that you destroy them now before the next PvE Tournament starts, so you can have new ones available full of troops to target, and stand a chance of topping the Rankings!

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