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New Global Contract! Hearts and Minds

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13 March, 2015, 11:51 AM UTC

New Global Contract!
Hearts and Minds


From: Yve Desjardins

Come in, Commander, it’s Yve. The spring rains have been causing us major problems. The flooding has disrupted our supply lines, our stockpile of emergency provisions is almost exhausted, and the local civilian population is in desperate need of relief. Now, we don’t have the budget to contract an airlift, but, as usual, I have an elegant solution… If we raid supplies from Zheng Shi, we can disrupt their operations, resupply our field stations, and improve our company’s image by providing emergency humanitarian aid to the locals. We’ve sent over the contract - take the provisions from ZHG bases and send them to our field facilities. We’ll pay you face value for every package you bring.

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25 March, 2015, 12:51 PM UTC

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