Weyland Laboratory Orientation Briefing

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13 November, 2015, 4:03 PM UTC



The Weyland Laboratory is a mobile field research station that can be placed in your Base as part of the Syndicate's business arrangement with Weyland Corp. Using Weyland proprietary cloning technology and methods, in the “Clones” tab of your Laboratory, you can clone Xenomorph (Alien) and Yautja (Predator) specimens. You can also commission Weyland Quadcopters at the Weyland Laboratory for Recon purposes under the same tab.

Upgrading your lab's technology to handle a wider array of XNA samples will unlock more powerful Alien and Predator Units. You can do this with Diamonds.

You will notice that your Cloning Queue is currently very limited, and does not permit many clones to be commissioned at once. Expanding your staff by spending Fuel, Munitions and Rations will allow you to lengthen your cloning queue. You can do so from the "Info" tab of your Weyland Laboratory.

From your Weyland Laboratory interface, you can also arrange to engage contractors to collect Artifacts. Just go to the "Artifacts" tab and select the amount of Artifacts you want to order. Making smaller orders more frequently will be more efficient than making one large order.

From the "Missions" tab of the Weyland Laboratory interface, you can interact with Dr. Watanabe and Mr. Black, who will periodically request your assistance with the Xenomorph and Yautja initiatives, respectively.

When the AVP event ends and the Temple is demolished, your Weyland Laboratory will disappear from your Base and you will no longer be able to produce any more Units in it. However, those Units that you already have will not disappear - they will remain part of your forces until they are lost in battle.

Make sure you build up your clone army while you have the chance!



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