24 All-New Alien And Predator Campaigns!

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John Black
12 November, 2015, 5:14 PM UTC

24 All-New Alien And Predator Campaigns!

Take On These Special Missions For Huge AVP Rewards!



Your assistance is requested with Weyland’s Xenomorph and Yautja initiatives. This is your chance to use your clones in PVE battle and get exclusive AVP rewards, including more powerful Alien and Predator Units, and even Strategic Units. There are a total of 24 Missions available – 12 in the Alien Campaign, and 12 in the Predator Campaign. The first two in each Campaign are already available - the rest will be unlocked periodically over the course of the AVP event.

Upon successfully clearing out their first Level 5 ZHG Location, all players will gain access to the first Mission of the Alien and Predator Campaigns in the "Missions" tab of the Weyland Laboratory interface. Each Mission will require Commanders to engage a specific Location infested by either Aliens or Predators. For the Alien Campaign, you will need to use Xenomorph Units to engage Yautja-infested locations. For the Predator Campaign, you will need to use Yautja Units to engage Xenomorph-infested locations.

Each Mission can be played twice - once with Offensive, once with Defensive forces. However, the Mission is automatically complete after the first successful engagement, and playing the second time is entirely optional.

Be advised: The Missions in the Alien and Predator Campaigns are independent of each other. You are free to pursue one Campaign in its entirety before commencing the other one, or to do them in parallel.



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phoenix13 bird
27 November, 2015, 7:07 PM UTC

Wow I might actually get something AVP related 

Oh wait I need an extra 3000 diamonds just to unlock the guys I want in order not to get pummeled in these new tournaments

Well at least I can keep the guys I have. OH WAIT can't do that either because the sick bay doesn't fix AVP units 

Well I can get some AVP units  from the radar......as soon as I come up with about 15-20 crappy units to beat them (at so called lvl1 there is no irony there)

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1 December, 2015, 2:47 PM UTC
Will i get to keep the AvP units i have built once the crossover has ended in 70-something days? 
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Nniol Rehu
18 December, 2015, 8:32 AM UTC

Actual rewards for AVP missions are ridicolous! Few units, Few artifacts, none extra bonus, none real incentive in this AVP missions! 

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18 December, 2015, 10:32 AM UTC

you launch a new kind of sub game within our much loved soldiers some of us try it and get the so called rewards for doing so , then after a quick update you take away the artifacts rewards cutting the payout by two-thirds and still except us to play

get a grip you have to build and kill 200k, ressource worth of aliens only to get back 30k on a level 6 before it was 151k you guys take all the fun and rewards out of this game making it something for the card players


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