Special AVP Tournament Underway - Excavation Site Takeover!

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12 November, 2015, 1:00 PM UTC

Special AVP Tournament Underway - Excavation Site Takeover!

Engage and Mine Excavation Sites for Big Rewards!

In this AVP Tournament, Commanders are tasked with capturing and occupying Excavation Sites across Zandia. Skulls will be earned by (1) recovering Artifacts from Excavation Sites and (2) destroying enemies at Excavation Sites.

Weyland needs all the help they can get figuring out where these extraterrestrials came from, and what they're doing here. You'll get Skulls in exchange for the Artifacts you manage to collect, so the longer you can hold the Excavation Sites and the more defensive AVP Units you station there, the better you’ll do.

You’ll also get Skulls for every enemy you eliminate at the Excavation Sites. It doesn’t matter whether you’re defending one that you already hold, or attacking a rival player’s. It doesn’t even matter if you ultimately lose the battle – as long as you take down some enemies while you’re at it.

The more Skulls you earn, the better your rewards. You can win Diamonds, boosts and even rare AVP Units! If you score enough points to place in the top of the Rankings, you'll get an additional prize when the Tournament ends!

Assemble your clones and move out!

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13 November, 2015, 12:47 PM UTC
Full of bugs!!!....the avp!
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