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22 February, 2016, 9:09 PM UTC

So, according to your 2 last messages, we are going to see something new soon, no?

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13 March, 2016, 10:03 AM UTC

Red-Terror said:

my concept of "Gustav Cannon" is as follows:

- The player who buys the Gustav cannon, he can place it on a "free space" (on the map), as if it were a base ... but instead it is a super heavy artillery weapons.

the player can move it by a free space to another, or keep it in his base.

- The weapon has a maximum range which must be determined at the discretion of the game developers (for example, 8 or 12 km).

- All players whose base falls within range where Gustav cannon is placed are warned that they are potentially threatened by an attack.

- So that the cannon gustav works, after it is placed on a free space, it requires reinforcement troops that must be sent inside it (just as if it were a base).

the minimum number of troops to be sent, so as to allow the operation of the gun, it must be determined at the discretion of the game developers (wikipedia says that the cannon needed a crew of more than 1,300 men!).

- When inside of Gustav cannon will be sent the necessary troops, it will begin to automatically load a shell every 30 minutes (or another time, to be determined).

When the upload is finished, it can be fired a shot on a base that is within range of the cannon (the strength of the shell it must be determined).

Regardless of the number of shells that the player has produced, the Gustav cannon has a rate of fire equal to 1 shot every 20 minutes.

- Gustav cannon can be set automatically, to automatically fire a shot every 30 minutes on a target-base, pre-set by the player who owns the Gustav cannon (Therefore this means that each shell that is automatically produced by the cannon, is also automatically fired!)..

...or it may be set to "manual" mode: in this case is the player to select which base shoot and when he want shoot (max: 1 shot every 20 minutes).

- you could also imagine the possibility of creating two different types of shells.

As stated by wikipedia: the Gustav cannon was able to shoot two different types of shells, a more powerful shell, but with a lower range, a less powerful attack, but with a greater range.

you could also imagine to change the timing of the rate of fire, according to the selected shell (eg --> each 20 min = light shell / each 35 min = heavy shell).

- Once the Gustav cannon was placed in a free space (on the map) it can be removed from that place no earlier than 3 hours (wikipedia says that Gustav cannon needed three days to be assembled!).

- I have not yet clear how the Gustav gun can be destroyed, but it must be a way not too simple, but also not too hard!

Maybe you could imagine that it has several "vitality points" ... that allow it to survive to several attacks, before it is finally destroyed.

I leave to you the way to solve this complex problem!

Perhaps, in relation to the maximum defensive force that can be sent on the cannon (ex: 20k), one could imagine to restrict the "offensive force" that can be sent in order to attack the cannon (eg: max 7k).

in this way it will be difficult to break through the defenses and destroy the cannon.

honestly, I do not know how to fix this ...

The risk is to make the cannon too vulnerable (therefore not advantageous to buy).

- Each player can own a maximum of only two gustav cannon at the same time (as wikipedia says: there were only two copies of this cannon, built by the Germans: Dora and Gustav).

If the cannon is destroyed by another player, it can be bought back by the player, but a player can not have more than two guns simultaneously.

- When the player leaves the "Gustav cannon" inside his base, "guastav cannon" goes in "defensive mode."

This means that it no longer shoots shells on the bases that fall within its range (8 or 12 km, as said before), but it strikes preventively only incoming attacks on the base!

For example, 8 or 12 minutes before the attack of another player arrives on your base, his army it collides with a "defensive force" that represents the Gustav gun's attack, fired on the incoming army (The "defensive force" of this shot must be determined).

Obviously the "rate of fire" of the gun it remains 20 minutes for each shot.

the player can set the automatic launch of the shot (in this case the attack is fired on the first army arriving on the base), or choose the manual mode: in this case he can decide which one of the "incoming attacks" to stike.

- If the Gustav cannon is placed inside the bunker, it becomes inoperative and it can not shoot neither defensive nor offensive attacks (but can not be destroyed by incoming attacks).

Could not have put it better than that

I wish I could have seen that thing shoot.... just wow
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14 March, 2016, 7:23 AM UTC
Nice to see that you all are so interested in Gustav Gun from loading picture... But what if it was just a picture? :)
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3 February, 2018, 11:40 PM UTC
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7 February, 2018, 8:35 PM UTC
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