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Improvements To Temporary Base Layouts and Elite Battle Pass

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Improvements To Temporary Base Layouts and Elite Battle Pass

Improvements To Temporary Base Layouts and Elite Battle Pass
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We’ve seen fit to make improvements to Temporary Base Layouts and the Elite Battle Pass.

Firstly, when you activate any Temporary Base Layout, you will now receive more free Units per day, and those Units have been changed from what they were previously, so you will have fresh options to build up your forces.

Secondly, all Temporary Base Layouts now grant you an extra Bonus that boosts Repository Gathering Speed. Note that only Repositories you capture after activating a Temporary Base Layout will benefit from the Bonus, while previously captured Repositories will not. In addition, a number of existing Temporary Base Layout Bonuses have been increased.

Bear in mind that the extra Bonus and increases to existing Bonuses will appear the next time you activate a Temporary Base Layout, and will not be reflected in any Temporary Layout you may currently have active.

Finally, starting from the next Battle Pass Season, you will be able to get Temporary Base Layout Perks if you acquire the Elite Battle Pass and have an active Command Center (7 d.) or Fortress Observatory (7 d.) Temporary Base Layout.

These Perks give a 10% boost to the Bonuses provided by those two Layouts, and also grant you ten additional Raids per day. As long as your Temporary Base Layout is active, the Perks will remain in effect even if the Battle Pass Season ends.

Make the most of this knowledge, Commander — there has never been a better time to get a Temporary Base Layout and give your Base a new look!


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