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The Darknet Recruitment Race. Dev Notes

The Darknet Recruitment Race. Dev Notes

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Jun 10, 2020, 08:1006/10/20

The Darknet Recruitment Race. Dev Notes

Commanders, a brand new Tournament has arrived: the Darknet Recruitment Race!

This guide will help you understand the Tournament's mechanics, so you can maximize your Rewards. Don't forget to share this information with all your Combine Members!


The Darknet Recruitment Race is a time-limited Tournament where your Combine must advance through 10 Tournament Stages by clearing Darknet Locations and recovering Tech Components.

Tech Components are needed to train Prototype Units in the Syndicate Dark Labs located in your COBRA Base. By training Prototype Units, your Combine can earn Tournament Points and climb up the Rankings!

To participate in this Tournament, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a fully-fledged Combine Member
  • Your Combine must not be in the process of being dismissed 
  • You must have unlocked your COBRA Base
  • Your Combine must have 10 or more fully-fledged Members who have unlocked their COBRA Bases

There are two major aspects to the Darknet Recruitment Race:

1. Clearing Darknet Locations and Recovering Tech Components.

You can send Units to clear Darknet Locations for only THREE DAYS during the Tournament. You cannot send Special Operatives to Darknet Locations.

When the Tournament begins, all Combine Members can find two of these Locations in the Darknet Locations tab of the Syndicate Dark Labs. By clearing them, you can recover Tech Components, which are needed to train Prototype Units and advance through Tournament Stages.

You and your Combine must acquire enough Tech Components together to complete each Stage. Every new Stage you reach (save the last one) reveals two Darknet Locations. If your Combine completes the final Stage and you have cleared at least one Darknet Location during the Tournament, you can claim the final Stage Reward.

After clearing each Darknet Location, you can also select a Bonus out of three options. You can choose to get the same Bonus multiple times. The effects stack. These Bonuses will be active while the Darknet Locations are available during the Tournament. 

The Bonus can be to any of these statistics:

  • Unit Offense
  • Unit Defense
  • Unit Movement Speed
  • Unit Carrying Capacity
  • Fuel Production
  • Munitions Production
  • Ration Delivery
  • Unit Training Speed
  • Base Defense
  • Repository Gathering Speed
  • Contract Negotiation And Renegotiation Speed
  • Special Operative XP
  • Building Construction And Upgrade Speed
  • Hero Gear Selling Speed
  • Combat Experience

2. Training Prototype Units.

You can train Prototype Units for all seven days of the Tournament in the Prototype Units tab of your Syndicate Dark Labs. 

Each Tournament makes two Prototype Units available for training: one Offensive Unit and one Defensive Unit. The Units you can train can change after every Tournament depending on the intel we get from our Darknet contact. Collect Tech Components from Darknet Locations to train as many as you can!

You can speed up Prototype Unit training with COBRA Boosts. You can also increase the speed of Prototype Unit training by renegotiating each Unit's Extralegal Contract.

Training Prototype Units earns Tournament Points for you and your Combine. The more Points you earn, the higher your chances of getting a Ranking Reward. The Top 100 Combines will receive amazing Rewards!

Increased access to maintenance and integration procedures have also increased the basic stats of the Destra CV90-1 and the BLK Panther RDF/LT - now they are much more effective than they were.

IMPORTANT: Your unused Tech Components will be seized by corporate investigators once the Tournament ends (or if you leave your Combine). Make sure to train as many Prototype Units as possible and get as many Points as you can before you lose your Tech Components!

Remember that the Tournament lasts for 7 days. Here's a quick visualization to illustrate the Tournament calendar:

We hope that you and your Combine find this guide useful!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments. 

Good luck!