New Feature - Unit XP!

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30 May, 2017, 9:33 AM UTC

New Feature - Unit XP!

Fight battles, earn Unit XP, and upgrade your Units to higher Ranks!

From now on, Units will earn Unit XP for participating in Battles! With Unit XP you can upgrade the Rank of your Units, allowing you to dramatically improve their statistics!


To upgrade your Units to higher Ranks, you must accumulate the necessary amount of Unit XP and construct Advanced Training Center Buildings. The Unit Upgrade tab inside each of these four new Buildings (the Light Infantry ATC, Mech. Infantry ATC, Armor ATC, and Combat Aviation ATC) outlines any additional requirements you need to meet. Some of these requirements may include accumulating a certain number of Medals. Medals can be earned by reaching new Levels or you can purchase them from the Store by going to the Resources Tab, opening the Misc. subtab, and visiting the Medals Section. To help get you started, today you’ll be provided with a number of Medals marking the release of this feature. The number of Medals you receive will be based on your Level.

Note: Upgrading Units to higher Ranks is a permanent action that applies not to individual Units, but the entire class - if you upgrade your Grenadiers to Rank 3, all future Grenadiers you hire will automatically have Rank 3.


You will receive Stat Points each time you increase a Unit's Rank. Stat Points are a brand new Resource that can be allocated to increase a Unit's Offense or Defense.

Each allocated Stat Point grants a one-percent Bonus to a chosen statistic. You can reallocate Stat Points at any time using a Stat Point Redistributor.


To increase the amount of XP your Units receive from battles you can apply one of four Unit XP Boosts. Go to the Active tab inside your Inventory, scroll down, then find and activate the Boost you need - Light Infantry XP Boost, Mechanized Infantry XP Boost, Armor XP Boost, or Combat Aviation XP Boost.

NOTE: Regular Experience Boosts do not affect the amount of Unit XP gained from battles.

-WSO Command

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30 May, 2017, 3:56 PM UTC

There is a ceiling of points or you can climb to the Max. attack and defense?

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31 May, 2017, 7:24 AM UTC

Dunno really eather.

Hope both.
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31 May, 2017, 11:34 AM UTC
Vilchez81 said:

There is a ceiling of points or you can climb to the Max. attack and defense?

Hi! Can you please specify what you mean? 
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