St. Patrick's Events!

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16 March, 2017, 3:12 PM UTC

St. Patrick's Events!

Make your own luck with a whole week of St. Paddy's Day Events!


This week, in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the following special Tournaments and in-game Events will be taking place:

- St. Patrick’s Alliance XP Tournament. You and your Alliance members need to complete in-game tasks and gain XP to score Tournament Points. Teamwork is key here! The more Points you and your Alliance members collect, the bigger the Rewards you will all get when the Tournament ends!

- St. Patrick’s Solo PvP Tournament. Whether you choose to engage the Bases, Black Sites or HQs of your opponents or defend your own, you will receive Tournament Points and, thus, Rewards, for all rival Units defeated!

- Even more Solo and Alliance Tournaments requiring you to:

1. Complete Special Ops

2. Defeat rival Units

3. Engage Caches

4. Develop your Base

5. Destroy other players' Units at Black Sites.

Some of these Tournaments will feature multipliers, so make sure all your Alliance gets in on the action!

- Special St. Patrick’s Gift to mark the occasion. Visit the "Events" menu to claim it; it won't last forever, grab it while you can!

- Limited-edition Special Offers and Discounts. Make sure you visit the Store in the days around St. Patrick’s and stock up on rare and valuable Items!

The Events are kicking off soon.

Get your armies ready, Commanders: this St. Paddy's, you make your own luck!

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