Important Terminology Changes!

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22 November, 2016, 12:56 PM UTC

Important Terminology Changes!

We Have Made Updates Based On Your Suggestions! Thank You!


Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continued feedback throughout our Beta Testing period. It has been a real learning curve for all of us in Selva de Fuego and at Plarium HQ.

We are particularly grateful for the huge amount of constructive feedback we have received from you over the game’s first few weeks, and it is as a result of your great suggestions that we have decided to make a few changes to the terminology used in-game.

These main changes are as follows:

Contracts -> Tech

Operative -> Hero

Restore -> Revive

You will find that a number of Buildings, Menus, and Store Items have also changed to match these changes. Additionally, you will find the labels on your Action Panel have also been altered slightly:

Hiring -> Units

Army -> Squads

Engineer -> Construction Slot

Negotiator -> Research Slot

Finally, the following Item names have also been changed:

Pathfinders -> Travel Boost

Emergency Base Evac -> Emergency Base Relocator

Mobile Base Transport -> Base Relocator

Armorer -> Gear Upgrader

Arms Dealer -> Gear Seller

No Items should disappear from your Inventory as a result of the latest update. If you think you have lost an Item, check carefully to see if it is still in your Inventory under a different name. If you still cannot locate it, please don't hesitate to contact us.

These changes have been made with the intention of making your game easier and more fun to play. Remember, we are always looking for ways to improve your gaming experience, so if you have any suggestions about ways for us to improve Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, send an email to [email protected]!


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